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JT Look, owner and mechanic of Rutland City Bikes, is stoked to return to Vermont in August 2020!

JT, a New Jersey native, began working at Green Mountain Bikes in Rochester, VT, in 2001. In 2010, JT chose to pursue his love of skateboarding, and built Plaza Skate Park in the Howe Center of Rutland City. By 2014, JT realized how much he missed fixing bikes, and opened Rutland City Bikes at 56 Strongs Avenue in Rutland. However, skateboarding kept calling. Having grown up across the river from Philadelphia, PA, home of the legendary FDR skate park, JT felt the pull of Philadelphia and packed up Rutland City Bikes to open Fishtown Bikes-N-Beans in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood. JT ran Fishtown Bikes-N-Beans for 5 years, making lots of new friends out of great customers, but ultimately, in his time in Philly, JT realized something important: Rutland City, Vermont, is his home.

JT has a strong passion to help elevate Rutland City, and couldn’t be more excited to keep you pedalin’. Come visit Rutland City Bikes at 411 West Street in Rutland City starting September 2020!

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