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Central VT

Rochester Valley Trails

A growing mountain bike trail network with new trails being built and maintained by Ridgeline Outdoor Collective.

Lots of great gravel roads to ride too. You can ride anywhere from five to about thirty miles on backroads along the scenic area known as Rochester North Hollow. After climbing from quaint Rochester, head north for a longer ride or south for a shorter one. Return to Rochester by descending to paved VT 100, or by doubling back. Be ready to do some climbing on smooth dirt roads. Once you’re on the ridge, you can crank along at a fast pace, or take in the scenery–silver-sided barns and farms, fields with grazing animals, and colorful foliage and edible berries in the fall.

Along the way, you might visit several sites. Two miles north of Rochester, turn west on Quarry Road to reach a working marble quarry. In Granville (ten miles north of Rochester) there’s scenic Granville Reservation, which contains Moss Glen Falls. A three-mile side trip off VT 100, on VT 125 East, will bring you to Texas Falls. Or cool off at a swimming hole near the bridge just north of Rochester on VT 100.

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