Meaningfully linking your employees to each other and authentic stewardship

Naming Grants Program

Photo By Ryan Bent

Our mission is to build a more resilient Vermont through strengthening the connection between Vermont’s outdoor-minded business community and the essential network of non-profits working to visualize, create and maintain our outdoor recreation infrastructure.

How do Naming Grants benefit your outdoor-minded company? 

These grants are an opportunity for your company to have an influence on Vermont’s outdoor recreation infrastructure in a way that reflects the outdoor passions of your employees. Together we can embolden employee happiness, loyalty, camaraderie and connection to place, which all translates into your company attracting and retaining the best talent in the world.

Show your employees that you share their passion for the outdoors through a VMBA Naming Grant. Here’s how it works:

  • Your company gathers employees that love trails – they develop grant criteria that reflect the types of trail projects they want to see built
  • VMBA shares your grant with the chapters
  • Chapters develop proposals for your employees’ consideration
  • Your employees determine which project(s) to support

Naming Grants are a wonderful opportunity to show your employees that you value what is important to them and their families. Naming Grants are typically developed in September, published in October and awarded at the annual meeting in November.

The grants are meant to:

  1. Lift up the value of volunteerism as critical and respected asset in Vermont
  2. Ignite a culture of shared stewardship among outdoor-minded businesses and VMBA chapters

Do you own an outdoor minded business? Do your employees and their families love trails? Get in touch today with Tom Stuessy, Executive Director.


2019 Naming Grant Awardees

Burton – Waterbury Area Trails Alliance

Cabot #1 – Stowe Trails Partnership

Cabot #2 – Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association

Cabot #3 – Millstone Trails Alliance

Greenworks – Brewster River Mountain Bike Club

Long Trail Brewing Co. & Farrell Distributing Co.  – Rochester/Randolph Area Sports Trail Alliance

Outdoor Gear Exchange – Mad River Riders

VSECU – Slate Valley Trails

Mountain Flyer Magazine – general chapter trail fund

Specialized Bike – general chapter trail fund

VT Country Store – Chapter announced in spring 2020

Check out our 2019 Naming Grant blog for more details on the chapters and their projects!

More Time in the Woods

The number of people looking for more time in the woods on their bikes is at an all time high and there’s no end in sight. VMBA’s membership has jumped from 1250 in 2013 to over 6800 in 2019.

Two-way Stewardship

  • VT grew by 5 new trail building companies in 2019
  • 40% of VT bike retailers are new to mountain biking in the last four years
  • Families and novice adults are the fastest growing market segments
  • VT Bike shops are adding staff at an increased pace over the past five years compared to pre-2014
  • Trails support businesses of all types and are a critical part of driving visitations to VT

Hosting a naming grant is an opportunity to strengthen the value of two-way stewardship.

Naming Grant Partners