2020 Naming Grant Projects

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In 2019, we set out to strengthen the connection between our mountain bike community and Vermont’s outdoor-minded business community through the Naming Grants program. This year, 5 outdoor-minded businesses rallied together to generate $33,500 for 8 Chapter’s trail projects for this upcoming 2021/22 season. We are very thankful to have these amazing partnerships support our mountain bike community and our Chapters.

The Naming Grants provide an opportunity for outdoor-minded companies to have an influence on Vermont’s outdoor recreation infrastructure in a way that reflects the outdoor passions of their employees. Together, we are able to embolden employee happiness, loyalty, camaraderie and connection to place. To learn more about the Naming Grants process, click here.

At the 2020 Annual Meeting, held this past November, the Naming Grants were announced. Below is a little bit on each Naming Grant recipient and their trail project.

2020 VMBA Naming Grants:

All of these companies are excited to partner with local VMBA Chapters to be put towards trail maintenance or reroute work, surfacing or bridging material, professional trail design work, adaptive enhancements to an existing trail, as part of a new trail building fundraising plan. The goal of this partnership is to lift up the value of trail volunteerism in Vermont and align outdoor-minded businesses with the land stewardship goals of VMBA Chapters.

Burton Naming Grant

Chapter Recipient: Mad River Riders

The Mad River Riders will utilize Burton’s Naming Grant to support the expansion of their highly popular Blueberry Lake trail network in Warren, VT. Burton’s support will help fund the professional design of several additions to the network including: a skills park, a new 3.5 mile intermediate/advanced loop trail branching off Amenta’s Way, a new 3.1 link down to route 100, and a trail/boardwalk linking the trailhead parking lot with the Blueberry Lake northside beach.

Cabot Creamery Naming Grant (3)

Chapter Recipient: Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW)

FOTW will be utilizing Cabot’s Naming Grant to assist with covering the costs of restoring and improving three trails in the Hinesburg Town Forest (HTF): Dragon’s Tail, Firebreather, and Lost Trail. These trails still feature the original trail designs that were installed over 15 years ago and have seen over 10,000 users since that time and expect an increase in use over the next several years. Cabot’s support will help make improvements to these trails in 2021 so they are fortified and sustainable in the years to come.

Chapter Recipient: Bennington Area Trail System (BATS)

BATS will be utilizing Cabot’s support to improve existing trail and to build new singletrack on the Southern Vermont Medical Center’s (SVMC) forested property. These funds will help support hiring a professional trail building crew to improve existing (multi-use) trail and build two bike-focused segments of beginner and kid friendly trail. The SVMC trail system is conveniently located adjacent to the Stark Street pump track and playground, and would make for a great transition from pump track to trail riding.

Chapter Recipient: Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA)

WAMBA is planning to construct approximately one mile of new single-track trail in the Northern Reach Area at the Aqueduct Trails. The trail construction includes one mile of a new switch-back climb starting from the northern extent of the Coaster trail to just under 1,440 feet in elevation followed by a fast, fun, flow descending trail to Grassy Lane; this will be a single directional trail. This new trail, supported by Cabot Creamer, will provide intermediate and advanced riders with an opportunity to explore the upper, northern extent of the Woodstock Aqueduct Company property.

Outdoor Gear Exchange (OGE) Naming Grant

Chapter Recipient: Rochester/Randolph Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA)

RASTA plans to utilize the OGE Naming Grant to support 18 miles of non-motorized multi-use hiking and mountain biking trail to be known as the Velomont Trail. The funds will support contracting a professional trail builder to help re-construct 6 miles of unmaintained historic trail between Chittenden Brook Hut and Morrill Brook to meet sustainable IMBA/USFS standards for use by mountain bikers and hikers.

Ranch Camp Naming Grant (2)

Chapter Recipient: Richmond Mountain Trails (RMT)

RMT will be utilizing Ranch Camp funds to support the design and building of a new trail network in Richmond, VT on the town-owned Andrews Community Forest (ACF), in partnership with Andrews Community Forest Committee (ACFC). The new trail network will connect existing trails in Richmond as well as provide trail access through a new parking area.

Chapter Recipient: Ascutney Trails Association

Ascutney Trails plans to utilize the Ranch Camp Naming Grant to support the design and build of a flow trail on the old ski resort side of their public trail network.

Vermont Country Store

Chapter Recipient: Jamaica Area Mountain Bike Alliance (JAMBA)

JAMBA will be utilizing Vermont Country Store Naming Grant to support their project to provide mountain biking opportunities for riders of all abilities on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land at Ball Mountain Lake. The project includes reroutes, improved bridge tread and hardened stream crossings. In addition to the layout and construction of singletrack trails adjacent to the West River Trail.

Mountain Flyer Magazine

Mountain Flyer Magazine is providing support to the VMBA Trail Grant.

Thank you to the incredible support from these outdoor-minded businesses and to the hard work of our Chapters and volunteers that make Vermont some of the best riding in the Northeast.

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  1. Just incredible !!! Thank you all for your support and your very creative trail development and care. It is a privilege to be a part of the mtn biking community in Vermont !!!

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