2020 VMBA Trail Grant Projects

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Thank you to all of our members and Chapters! Over 90% of your membership dollars go to Chapters through admin services and grants. Because of your membership, we were able to provide $42,500 for the VMBA Trail Grant to support 8 Chapters and their trail projects for this upcoming 2021 riding season!

Thank you to all of the hard work and dedication of our Chapters. We are very excited to see these projects get up and running. Take a look as to what these Chapters have in store for the upcoming season and don’t forget to renew your membership for the 2021/22 season that begins April 1. 

Fellowship of the Wheel

Fellowship of the Wheel is looking to continue to employ a professional trail crew to maintain over 120 miles of trails across 8 networks in Chittenden County. FOTW’s three-person paid crew completes about 3,000 hours of trail work each year between construction of new trails and maintenance of existing trails.

Franklin County MTB Club

FCMTBC will be working on reclamation, erosion control & mitigation of the community owned Hard’ack/Aldis Hill (St. Albans Recreation Reserve) property in St. Albans City & Town. This 210 acre recreational asset includes 6 miles of trails, a community run ski hill, and Nordic/ XC running trails. 

Grateful Treads MTB Club

Grateful Treads is looking to expand the novice and intermediate trails and skills park that exist within and around the Montgomery Recreation Center. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 miles of novice/intermediate trails on town land that connect to an additional 1 mile of trail on private land. The Grateful Treads, the Montgomery Recreation Committee and the Montgomery Selectboard have committed to creating a network of multi-use trails at the Montgomery Recreation Center and on the adjoining town land. 

Jamaica Area MTB Alliance

JAMBA is one of our newest Chapters and they are very excited to utilize the VMBA Trail Grant to assist in bringing back the historic Ken Query Trail. The trail requires a reroute for public access and to ensure privacy for the surrounding landowners. JAMBA plans to construct approximately one-half mile long reroute that incorporates natural features and terrain in a sustainable manner. 

Richmond Mountain Trails

RMT, in partnership with Andrews Community Forest Committee (ACFC) will be utilizing the VMBA Trail Grant to assist with the design and building of a new trail network in Richmond on the town-owned Andrews Community Forest (ACF). ACF is permanently protected for conservation and recreation and the new trail network will connect existing trails in Richmond as well as provide trail access through a new parking area. 

Slate Valley Trails

SVT is very excited to utilize the VMBA Trail Grant to construct kiosks and its informational content for the Delaney Woods Grey Trail Project at Delaney Woods in Wells, VT. SVT also plans to complete construction of a section of the final 1.3 miles of trail, as part of the last phase of a 3-phase trail project at Delaney Woods. 

Stowe Trails Partnership

STP is very excited to build ‘Serenity & Adrenaline,’ a one-mile advanced, technical, downhill-only trail located in the Adams Camp Trail Network. With the support of the VMBA Trail Grant, ‘S&A’ will be Stowe’s first hand-built, directional, enduro-style, advanced double black diamond trail. ‘S&A’ draws inspiration from the creativity and technicality of some of Quebec’s more advanced directional trails to create an exhilarating rider experience.

Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association

WAMBA will be constructing approximately one mile of new single-track on Town of Woodstock property in the Mt. Peg Park adjacent to the Village of Woodstock. The proposed trail connects the Village of Woodstock to the Mt. Peg Trails via the Town’s Mt. Peg Park, thus creating a public access corridor to an established public access trail system. 

Congratulations to all of these Chapters for your upcoming projects! We are very excited to see these projects get underway. Thank you to all of our members, Chapters, partners, and landowners for the amazing work that you all do to make Vermont one of the best places to ride. 

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