Connecting Riders to Trails

Winter Trails

Photo By Grant Wieler Photography

Many VMBA Chapters maintain winter trails including mindblowing machine and snowshoe packed singletrack. VMBA has also partnered with VAST, US Forest Service, and Nordic centers to develop fatbiking access. These relationships are a meaningful part of creating our amazing access and year-round riding in Vermont.

Keep Rolling this Winter

Keep Rolling this Winter

Visit our Plan Your Ride page and select "Winter Fat Biking" or "Groomed Winter Fatbiking" for a current list of heavenly winter trails.
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Fat Bike Trail Etiquette

Fat Bike Trail Etiquette

Ensure you are ready to hit the trails with these tips & tricks specifically for fatbiking.
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Become a Member

Chapters are hard at work all year round so don't forget to join/renew your VMBA membership or add on another Chapter. Your membership dollars are helping Chapters build and maintain trails all across Vermont.

PLEASE REMEMBER: VAST snowmobile trails are not open for fatbiking unless specified by the local chapter and VAST. There are signs out there to help keep you on track. These signs will be used primarily for VAST sections and may not be seen on otherwise managed trails. It’s very important that you stay on these approved sections of trail.

The signage improves our shared use in a couple ways: it alerts snowmobile operators that riders may be in the area and shows riders where sections of trail end and identify a private property border.

VMBA asks riders that enjoy theses groomed VAST trails to consider joining their local VAST chapter. Fat bikers are strongly encouraged to show an appreciation for VAST’s grooming efforts through participation in brush clearing days each fall. Shared access and use is a wonderful opportunity to show other types of users respect, sharing an appreciation for our beautiful landscape. To help that process along please read the Trails Etiquette information before riding.