VMBA Mobile App

As part of our efforts to make being a VMBA Member that much better, we are excited to announce the launch of a VMBA Mobile App! The VMBA App will be available to iPhone and Android users with a target launch date of Spring 2023.

The VMBA App will significantly improve the trail user experience and membership enrollment process. Through the VMBA App, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily stay up to date with your VMBA Membership
  • Add on Chapters or Community Builders at any time
  • View and access Member Benefits and downhill resort coupons – instant redemption for current VMBA Members, without the need for a card or paper coupons
  • View Chapters’ trail conditions
  • Check out nearby networks through our Plan Your Ride platform
  • Search our Events calendar

Find more details on the features and common questions below.

Download the VMBA App

The VMBA App will be available to download through the Apple Store Spring 2023.



The VMBA App will be available to download through Google Play Spring 2023.

VMBA App Features

VMBA Membership

With the App, Members can easily manage their VMBA Membership:

  • Join or renew for the current season
  • Add VMBA Chapters, Add-Ons, and Community Builders anytime
  • Update your VMBA Profile

Member Benefits

Current VMBA Members will be able to access and redeem their Member Benefits instantly (no more waiting for your packet to arrive!). You’ll be able to:

  • Browse the complete list of Member Benefits and filter by type and region
  • Redeem your Member Benefits with each business
  • Access and redeem your downhill resort coupons

Check Trail Conditions

Trail users can view Chapters’ trail networks and link out to where and how each Chapter updates current conditions.

and more....

The VMBA App will have additional features that will improve your experience as a VMBA Member, including:

  • Contact VMBA
  • Purchase raffle tickets
  • Donate to VMBA or your local Chapter
  • Access our Plan Your Ride platform
  • View upcoming events

Please review our FAQ section below and contact us for any additional questions.

Do you have to be a VMBA Member to download the VMBA App?

Nope! You do not need to be a VMBA Member to download the VMBA App. If you have a VMBA account, you’ll use the same login for the VMBA App or browse the App as a Guest, including viewing trail conditions, events, and our Plan Your Ride platform. Only current VMBA members, however, will be able to access and redeem Member Benefits.



How do I redeem my Member Benefits on the VMBA App?

The VMBA App will have all your benefits available to you as a current VMBA Member, easily searchable through the App. When you select a single-use Benefit, a ‘Redeem Coupon’ will appear for Benefits not yet redeemed. For these Benefits, Member Benefit Partner staff will typically need to view your device and click (or observe you click) the ‘Redeem Coupon’ button. Once single-use coupons are used, a ‘Redeemed’ message will appear in pace of the ‘Redeem Coupon’ button.

Will I still get my membership packet?

Absolutely! Members will still receive their membership packets, though these will be slightly different. Only those who opt out of the VMBA App, will receive a Member Card and DH Coupon Sheet (both of which can be lost or misplaced… unlike the App!).  Everyone will still receive:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Member Benefits list – also found on our website and on the VMBA App
  • Snazzy Velcro VMBA strip for your bike
  • Current season VMBA sticker
  • Chapter welcome letters and/or stickers

Will I have to use the VMBA App for my Member Benefits?

For 2023/24, members will have the option to opt out of the VMBA App for their Member Benefits. Those that do will be sent a VMBA Member Card and downhill resort coupons as part of their Membership packet. Importantly, those that opt out will not be able to redeem any Member Benefit or downhill coupons through the VMBA App.

How do I redeem my family's Member Benefits?

All Member Benefits will be associated with the VMBA account and login of the Primary Member. Other family members can download the VMBA App and use their Primary Member’s login information to access benefits. Alternatively, family members can accompany the Primary Member in person to access the Member Benefit deals and discounts.