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Who We Are

VMBA is the exclusive voice of mountain biking advocacy in Vermont. Our chapter program and approach to state level advocacy is a uniquely effective combination that meaningfully links the perspectives of individual riders to the association’s work with state leadership. Comprised of thousands, we are an essential element of Vermont’s trail infrastructure that advocates for public land access, modernized policy, open access and sustainably constructed trails.

The Chapters

Chapters represent the very best of VMBA and Vermont. They represent over 30,000 hours of volunteer time annually through building and maintaining trails, hosting events and working with public & private landowners. The quality of riding in Vermont is a reflection of our chapters’ inspiration and dedication. To learn more about chapter operations and their full scope of trails, we encourage you to become a member and participate in chapter trail days.


Vermont Outdoor Innovation Coalition

VOICe unites the effort and passion of Vermont’s trail-based nonprofits with the insights of the outdoor-minded business community in an ongoing effort to innovate mutually beneficial opportunities. A desire to better understand the organization quickly led to a team of business professionals eager to share expertise with the organization. The indelible link between trails, business outcomes and defining a sustainable model inspired the creation of VOICe in 2016.

Regional Alliance

The Northeast Mountain Bike Alliance is a partnership of regional mountain bike and trail organizations which encourages mutual support across the Northeast region through shared advocacy, strategies, and promotion.

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Velomont is VMBA’s premier long-range project and will link Killington to Stowe with over 70% singletrack.

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Dickson – Chair

  • Hilary DelRoss – Vice Chair

  • John Ringer – Treasurer

  • Kim Stinton – Chapter liaison (WCOTA)

  • Brad DeBoer – Chapter liaison (BATS)

  • Judy Boyd – Government Relations / PR

  • Adam St. Germain – Retailers / Bike Industry

  • Nancy Lukes – Development

  • Danielle Poirier – Marketing / Communications

  • Karly Moore – Marketing / Social Media

  • Tom Stuessy – Executive Director

Contact Us

Welcome to riding in Vermont! Like you, we have a passion for Mountain Biking and the amazing trail network Vermont has to offer. Hit us up if you have general feedback or just want to share your stoke. See you on the trails!

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