Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Pledge

Ryan Bent

Our pledge is to develop vibrant communities emboldened by outdoor recreation and natural environments connected to all Mountain Bikers not defined by a stereotype or riding ability.


Feeling invited and receiving a little empathy instantly translates into fuel. We’ve all experienced a few rough crashes; been on climbs that we thought would never end, and have pushed ourselves to our limits attempting to keep up with more talented riders. These experiences have connected us to an amazing community, beautiful natural places and teaches us a little about ourselves every time we venture out. 

The VMBA Diversity Committee is excited to help Chapters, commercial partners, and peer outdoor organizations strive for inclusive and supportive outdoor opportunities. Openly invited and properly inspired, more people may give riding a try.

We are excited to celebrate riding mountain bikes – not stereotypes, riding ability or bike choice.  Our primary goal is to build an inviting and inclusive mountain bike community that any individual can be a part of. To learn more, check out the blog series and video series.

2023 DEI Initiatives

Below are the 2023 Initiatives that are being developed and implemented by our DEI Committee and DEI Coordinator, Kenzie Brunner. We strive to set Initiatives each year that will continue to create a culture of diversity and inclusion in Vermont.

Host Adaptive MTB Demo Days

In tandem with Vermont Adaptive, VMBA will assist in developing and/or hosting event(s) where attendees can participate and demo the variety of adaptive chairs and assist in determining what works best for them. Additionally, VMBA and VT Adaptive will continue to grow our partnership by conducting Adaptive Assessments at various trail networks throughout the state to assist in identifying areas that Chapters can create more adaptive friendly networks.

Digital Assets

In an effort to continue to diversify our digital assets, we plan on hiring professional photographers and videographers to capture content that will continue to create an inclusive and inviting outdoor recreation community in Vermont.

Acknowledge & Honor Indigenous Communities

VMBA will work with the Indigenous Tribes in Vermont to develop a stronger statement and educational campaign. We hope to increase awareness of the land that we recreate on and to explore the origins of a ‘trail’. In doing so, we hope to honor and celebrate the Tribes that exist in Vermont.

Partnership Development

VMBA wants to recognize the organizations and groups that are already doing this important work throughout Vermont. This Initiative hopes to establish relationships and partnerships with these organizations and better understand how we can support their current efforts.

Bike Share Programming

VMBA recognizes that there is a large gap in access to bikes and is excited to get a pilot bike share program off the ground with the help of Chapters and members of our Retailers Alliance.

 Learn to Bike Month

VMBA wants everyone to feel empowered to access trails, bike paths, and bike parks. This May VMBA will be partnering with Chapters and community organizers to offer free access to bikes and coaching, no matter your experience on bikes. Stay tuned for more event information!

Instructor Certification Scholarship Fund

VMBA believes that everyone should be able to learn to ride or improve their skills with an instructor that may look like them, comes from a similar background, or shares pieces of their identity. This initiative aims to lower the economic barrier to becoming a certified instructor that can give back to the broader bike community.



DEI Committee Members

Thank you to our DEI Committee Members that are committed to helping build a more inclusive and inviting committee.

  • Kenzie Brunner, VMBA DEI Coordinator/Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Nick Bennette, VMBA Executive Director
  • Jeff Alexander, VT Adaptive
  • Carolyn Lawrence, STP
  • Adam Morse, FOTW
  • Jason Rickles, JAMBA, VMBA Board Chapter Representative
  • Leslie Gauff, STP
  • Chrissy Keating
  • Courtney Behnken, SVT
  • Lauren Miller
  • Amy Potter, VMBA Operations Manager



Interested in learning more about the work our DEI Committee is doing? Please reach out to Kenzie if you have any questions!

VMBA DEI Video Series

Support local organizations

Community Builders

Members can now support local community organizations that are working towards growing our mountain bike community in ways other than building and maintain trails.