Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Pledge

Ryan Bent

Our pledge is to develop vibrant communities emboldened by outdoor recreation and natural environments connected to all Mountain Bikers not defined by a stereotype or riding ability.


Feeling invited and receiving a little empathy instantly translates into fuel. We’ve all experienced a few rough crashes; been on climbs that we thought would never end, and have pushed ourselves to our limits attempting to keep up with more talented riders. These experiences have connected us to an amazing community, beautiful natural places and teaches us a little about ourselves every time we venture out. 


The VMBA Diversity Committee is excited to help chapters, commercial partners and peer outdoor organizations strive for inclusive and supportive outdoor opportunities. Openly invited and properly inspired, more people may give riding a try.

Please stay tuned for our 2021/22 Diversity Initiatives

We are excited to celebrate riding mountain bikes – not stereotypes, riding ability or bike choice.
 Our primary goal is to build an inviting and inclusive mountain bike community that any individual can be a part of. To learn more, check out the blog series and video series.