VMBA’s Land Acknowledgement

As part of VMBA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), we strive to deepen our understanding and leverage our platform to raise awareness about Indigenous Peoples, their history, and their ongoing presence in Vermont. Recognizing that a Land Acknowledgment is merely a first step, we recognize the significant work that must continue in perpetuity. We are committed to pursuing opportunities to build meaningful relationships with these communities, with the intent to support and collaborate in ways that align with their needs and aspirations. Through this process, we seek to grow and evolve together. 

In recognition of this commitment, we wish to acknowledge the land we ride on.

The trails that VMBA Chapters have the privilege to steward and ride upon are on lands that were the original homelands of Indigenous Peoples until they were forced to cede control through Euro-American governance.  Long before the creation of berms, rock rollers, and singletrack trails, these Lands, including what is now known as Vermont, were inhabited by various Tribes including the Western Abenaki. We acknowledge these Tribes and honor their enduring connection to the land, both past and present. With deep gratitude and appreciation, we recognize and respect the people and all other-than-human beings who are integral to the territory and homelands we now occupy.

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