Do You Travel to Ride?

Northeast Mountain Bike Alliance

Photo By Evan Kay

The Northeast Mountain Bike Alliance is a partnership of regional mountain bike and trails organizations which encourages mutual support across the Northeast region through shared advocacy, strategies, and promotion. When you join any of the organizations in the Alliance, your confirmation email contains a link to join any of the other Regional Alliance partners at a 20% discount.

Do you travel to any of these areas to ride? If so, consider sharing some support for their trails. Join them using the link in your VMBA membership confirmation email to get the discount. The cornerstone of the alliance is the assurance that riders are supporting their home trails first, then branching out to share some love for other trails they enjoy and want to help protect, maintain, and grow. Keep an eye out for links to these organizations in your VMBA membership confirmation email.

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VMBA is excited to lead this initiative and to develop new opportunities for trail-based, muscle powered outdoor nonprofits in Vermont. Are you a membership based non-profit interested in learning more? Get in touch with us to find out more information.

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