Photo By John Atkinson

Everything You Need to Know

Our trails are the product of an unprecedented level of cooperation between private landowners, chapters and trail day volunteers. VMBA provides resources for landowners and local chapters to navigate the technicalities, as well as grants and educational resources to take care of the really important part—the trails.

Vermont is like nowhere else, and that’s just the way we like it.

Rider Responsibility Code

It is anticipated that riders will stay off wet trails and show respect for other users and follow all postings. Members are encouraged to show appreciation for the contribution of others. Everyone is asked to take a moment and thank other riders for becoming members and of course always show respect to all landowners/managers.

Photo By John Atkinson

Northeast MTB Regional Alliance

A partnership shared between regional mountain bike non-profits. The purpose of the alliance is to encourage riders to enjoy trails in all parts of the Northeast (and Southeast Canada). Organizations serve as a sounding board for others and help promote news and events amplifying our voices. Most of the partners share in a reciprocal 20% membership discount for riders.

Chapter Trail Grant

The VMBA trail grant is developed through membership. Since 2013, membership has fueled over $100,000 in pure, grassroots, member-driven trail goodness.

Your membership emboldens the trail grant, which gets you MORE TRAILS. BETTER TRAILS.

Are You A Landowner?

Landowners play a key role in providing recreational opportunities for Vermonters and visitors. Are you a landowner interested in partnering with a VMBA chapter?

Photo By John Atkinson