The length of Vermont on singletrack

The Green Mountains are home to some of the best mountain biking in the world. Our Chapters, alongside numerous other trail groups across the state, have created pockets of singletrack bliss. While each network has its own flair, they all lack one key element – connectivity.

The Velomont project grew out of a vision to create a physically continuous trail corridor that would link many of these networks, both establishing linkages between Chapters and putting Vermont on par with other destination-quality multi-day trip networks like those in Europe and New Zealand.

Following years of discussion and planning, The Velomont Trail Collective (VTC) emerged as the engine to ultimately achieve this vision.  The Collective works closely with the other 12 VMBA Chapters that currently make up the envisioned route, along with 7 other involved trail organization and Vermont Huts Association.  Eventually, riders will be able to mountain bike the length of our state, staying overnight at cozy backcountry huts along they way and visiting Vermont’s quintessential towns to refuel along the way.

This vision wouldn’t be possible without project scope consideration and collaboration with public and private land managers, including:

  • United States Forest Service
  • State of Vermont Dept. of Forest, Parks & Recreation
  • The Trust for Public Lands

The Velomont Trail Collective operates as a standalone VMBA Chapter. Please consider a primary or add-on membership with Velomont to  show your support for this effort and provide invaluable resources to help make this vision a reality.

Please visit the Velomont website here:

Velomont Trail