Who We Are

Bear Cieri

Through a family of 28 unified Chapters, the Association carries out its mission, which is to ensure the sustainable future of mountain biking in Vermont and to thoughtfully promote the best riding in the Northeast by serving as the central hub for advocacy, education and event support. VMBA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Vision: To inspire a Vermont filled with individuals reinvigorated by the beauty and challenges found in natural places in a manner that promotes community, ecological awareness and transcends the distractions of our time.

Cause: To connect Vermonters to the value of thoughtfully planning for the future of outdoor recreation and to strengthen the relationships that can realize our collective potential.


  • Relationships
  • Advocacy
  • Promoting an awareness of diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Chapters & their BOD operations
  • Members
  • Board of Directors
  • Executive director & office staff
  • Partnerships & sponsorship
  • Programming (Naming Grant, Regional Alliance, Retailers Alliance, etc.)
  • Resource allocation, risk assessment, critical project paths, etc.
  • Fuel an environment of innovation

The culmination of this activity is sustainable trail stewardship through interconnected achievement.


  • Trails
  • Experiences
  • Events
  • Relationships
  • Community outcomes
  • Stronger Vermont economy

Why: VMBA exists to create and develop vibrant communities that are emboldened by outdoor recreation and a connection to natural environments in support of outcomes that benefit the world.

  • Healthy family recreation – lowering healthcare costs/risks
  • Illustrate the need for and outcomes of volunteerism
  • Build grit, focus, self-reliance and character in kids
  • Strengthen the bond between individuals

VMBA Values

Sustainably constructed open access trails
Playing a key role in protecting Vermont's landscape through building an aware and connected riding community
Maintaining excellent working relationships with riders, chapters, sponsors and partners
Representing the interests of riders through working in concert with public and private land opportunities


The Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) is a nonprofit statewide organization serving as the voice of mountain biking in Vermont. Riders coming together to rough in a trail, keep it secret and have a great time with friends laid the foundation for what is the best riding state in the country. Preserving this root characteristic is important, but requires a different approach in light of the sport's growing popularity and growing awareness of its economic potential. VMBA/Chapters choose to acknowledge this reality and remain proactive and dedicated to constantly evolving. The ease of modern information exchange has necessitated that our riding culture be protected through a strong and united voice of advocacy.

This is the role of your VMBA.

Out of state riders travel to Vermont to mountain bike six or more times a year, which often expose the most precious and sensitive trail systems in Vermont. Successfully protecting Vermont's core trails requires attractive, diverse alternatives. VMBA's relationships with chapters/public land officials is key in protecting our trails and promoting trail diversity for all rider levels.

VMBA is dedicated to connecting riders to each other and supporting the work of chapters on both public and private land. VMBA will remain focused on preserving the historical bedrock of riding in Vermont while simultaneously embracing the realities and opportunities of the day.

VMBA kept things rolling in 2020

2020 VMBA Highlights

    • 7,600+ members in 2020 (a 176% increase since 2015)
    • 2,075+ Add-On memberships (a 2,400% increase since 2015)
    • Directed 91% of membership dollars back to Chapters in services and grants
    • Supported 28 Chapters and 4 Add-On Partners
    • Awarded $38,000 in VMBA Trail Grants, funding 8 different trail projects for 2021
    • Enrolled five outdoor-minded businesses in the 2020 VMBA Naming Grants program, which awarded a total of $33,500 to 8 different Chapters for projects in 2021
    • In total, directed $320,954 to Chapters through base memberships, add-ons, Naming Grants, and VMBA Trail Grants
    • Signed the Diversify Outdoors Pledge – committing to the promotion of diversity in outdoor spaces 
    • Redoubled our efforts that everyone have an equal opportunity to and feel invited to participate in outdoor recreation
    • Strengthened our efforts to acknowledge indigenous land and build partnerships with the Tribes that live in Vermont
    • Had our work – both that of the office and individual Chapters – featured in multiple publications and podcasts
    • Invested over 200 hours in meetings and negotiations focused on state land oversight and protecting private landowners
    • In coordination with the Vermont Trails Alliance, directed professional legislative services to improve Act 250 on behalf of Chapters and private landowners
    • Successfully moved Act 250 trail jurisdiction reform through the State Legislature
    • Navigated COVID-19 with our Chapters to protect and strengthen our communities during these challenging times
    • Produced 80+ trailhead signs to further educate riders on COVID-19 Guidelines

VMBA Board of Directors & Staff

  • VMBA Board of Directors

    Jeff Dickson – Chair

    Danielle Poirier – Vice Chair

    Kim Stinson – Secretary

    John Ringer – Treasurer

    Nancy Luke – Development

    Karly Moore – Marketing / Social Media

    Stephanie Baer – Diversity Committee

    Curtis Fox 

    Ariel Kent – Chapter Liaison (ACBC)

    Jason Rickles – Chapter Liaison (WAMBA)

  • VMBA Staff

    Nick Bennette – Executive Director

    Krysy Steckler – Operations Manager

    Stephanie Sowles – Membership Packets

    Joe Gaynor – Programs & Events Coordinator

Contact Us

Welcome to riding in Vermont! Like you, we have a passion for mountain biking and the amazing trail network Vermont has to offer. Hit us up if you have general feedback or just want to share your stoke. See you on the trails!

PO Box 2055

South Burlington,

VT 05407


Mon–Fri 9:00–5:00

Executive Director:

Nick Bennette

Operations Manager:

Krysy Steckler

Programs & Events Coordinator:

Joe Gaynor