Who We Are

Ryan Bent

Founded in 1997, The Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that, through a family of 29 Chapters, serves as the unified voice for mountain biking in Vermont.


We envision a future where mountain biking is at the center of healthy, economically vibrant, and environmentally sustainable communities throughout Vermont, with well-planned, accessible, and progressive trail systems state-wide.


In pursuit of our vision, we work to ensure the sustainability of mountain biking in Vermont and thoughtfully promote exceptional riding experiences for all through advocacy, education, and community-driven stewardship.

How we do it:

  • Close working relationships with policymakers on trail-related legislation
  • Part of the Vermont Trails & Greenways Council
  • Active collaboration with public land managers and state agencies
  • By promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leveraging the strengths of our Chapters
  • Engaging and, if needed, activating our Members
  • Support from outdoor-minded companies, both operationally and through our Naming Grant program
  • Participation from local businesses in our Member Benefits and Retailers Alliance programs
  • Partnership with other nonprofits focused on environmental sustainability, community development, and outdoor recreation
  • A small but dedicated central office staff
  • An active and engaged Board of Directors

What we define as success:

  • More and better, sustainably-built trails
  • Quality riding Experiences
  • Engaging Events
  • Stronger Relationships
  • Increased volunteerism
  • Healthy communities
  • A vibrant, sustainable outdoor recreation economy

VMBA Values

Fostering the development of purpose-built, sustainably constructed, and open access trails
Preserving Vermont's landscape through an aware and connected riding community
Maintaining excellent working relationships with land managers, communities, sponsors, and partners
Representing the interests of riders through both our advocacy and the trail projects we pursue

Our Approach

Riders coming together to rough in a trail, keep it secret, and have a great time with friends in the woods laid the foundation for what has become some of the best riding in the country. Preserving this root characteristic is important, but trail building and advocacy require a different approach in light of our sport's growing popularity, understanding of it's impacts, and awareness of its economic potential. We choose to acknowledge this reality and remain proactive and dedicated to constantly evolving while also ensuring our access to trails and the characteristic that make riding in Vermont so special be protected through a strong and united voice.

Out of state riders travelling to Vermont to ride has exploded in recent years, exposing many sensitive trail systems that were never intended to see such levels of use. Successfully preserving and sustainably growing Vermont's public-access trails requires attractive, diverse alternatives and greater resources for trail stewardship. VMBA's relationships with state agencies, public land managers, and private landowners are key in protecting our trails and promoting trail diversity for all rider levels.

VMBA is dedicated to connecting riders to each other and supporting the work of Chapters on both public and private land. VMBA will remain focused on preserving the historical bedrock of riding in Vermont while also embracing the realities, responsibilities, and opportunities of today.

What we got done last season.

2021 VMBA Highlights

    • Counted 9,400+ members by the end of 2021 (up 22% over 2020)
    • 2,800 + Add-On memberships (up 41% over 2020)
    • Directed ~90% of membership dollars to Chapters
    • Grew to 28 Chapters, 4 Add-On Chapters, and 5 all-season resort partners
    • Oversaw more than 15,000 hours of volunteer labor
    • Added over 55 miles of new singletrack across Vermont
    • Employed a peak of more than 20 individuals across our central office and Chapters
    • Awarded $50,000 in VMBA Trail Grants for 10 different trail projects
    • Enrolled seven outdoor-minded businesses in the 2021 VMBA Naming Grants program, which awarded a total of $33,500 to 8 different Chapters
    • In total, directed $425,000 to Chapters through base memberships, add-ons, Naming Grants, and VMBA Trail Grants
    • Continued our work of educating our members on the importance of trail etiquette through multiple video productions and blog posts
    • Supported our Chapters and partners in relaunching safe in-person events as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted
    • Had our work – both that of the office and individual Chapters – featured in multiple publications and podcasts
    • Expanded our DEI Committee to include Chapter and community representation to help realize our DEI Pledge
    • Supported local organizations building opportunities for access to mountain biking through direct Sponsorships
    • Produced our 2021/22 VMBA Member Sticker to feature the Pride Rainbow and encourage all to be invited to ride
    • Expanded our trail work volunteer digital assets to be more inclusive of all individuals
    • Helped found the Trails are Common Ground campaign to ensure all trail users have respectful, inclusive, safe, and enjoyable experiences on the trail
    • Invested over 200 hours in meetings and negotiations focused on the oversight of recreational trails and private landowner protection
    • Co-Chaired the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council and successfully prevented the advancement of an onerous alternative regulatory program
    • Joined Ride with Gratitude to help assert the responsibilities of our riding community and ensure positive relationships with landowners for years to come

VMBA Board of Directors & Staff

  • VMBA Board of Directors

    Quinn Keating – Chair

    Tim Maher – Vice Chair

    Tara Mirakian – Secretary

    Curtis Fox – Treasurer

    Abby  Crisostomo – Diversity Committee

    Berne Broudy – Chapter Rep. (RMT)

    Jason Rickles – Chapter Rep. (JAMBA)

    Jeff Dickson

    Kelly Dolan

    Anthony Staples

    Annie Strout



  • VMBA Staff

    Nick Bennette – Executive Director

    Krysy Steckler – Operations Director

    Joe Gaynor – Programs & Partnerships Manager

    Mackenzie Fuqua – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Coordinator

    Amy Potter – Office Manager & Membership Coordinator

Contact Us

Welcome to riding in Vermont! Like you, we have a passion for mountain biking and the amazing trail networks Vermont has to offer. Hit us up if you have general feedback or just want to share your stoke. See you on the trails!

PO Box 2055

South Burlington,

VT 05407


Mon–Fri 9:00–5:00

Executive Director:

Nick Bennette

Operations Director:

Krysy Steckler

Programs & Events Coordinator:

Joe Gaynor

Office Manager & Membership Coordinator

Amy Potter