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Part of VMBA’s mission is to build a more resilient Vermont by strengthening the connection between the outdoor-minded business community and the network of nonprofits working to visualize, create and maintain our outdoor recreation infrastructure.

To support that vision, VMBA has created a set of opportunities for outdoor-minded companies to directly engage with the large and growing Vermont mountain bike community, 9,400+ of whom are active VMBA members, while providing essential support to strengthen our ability to sustain and grow outdoor recreation infrastructure.

Please find below additional detail on each of our partnership levels, which are structured to engage businesses of all shapes and sizes. Please reach out to Joe Gaynor, our Programs & Events Coordinator, to learn how you can be involved.

Member Benefit Partner

Vermont-owned businesses are encouraged to offer VMBA Members a special promotion. These discounts and coupons to local businesses increase the value of each VMBA Membership while exposing businesses to an ever growing base of outdoor enthusiasts.

Benefits Include:

  • Member Benefits appear on a sheet mailed to every member (9,400+ members in 2021)
  • Posted on Member Benefits website page
  • Promoted on social media (15,700+ Followers)

VMBA wants every Vermont business to be involved, so there is no charge to offer a Member Benefit.  

Best for businesses who are looking to increase their visibility in the riding community.

Ansel Dickey

Plan Your Ride Partner

($250 / $1000)

Plan Your Ride (PYR) is an online resource designed to connect riders to the best locations to ride, shop, eat, and stay throughout Vermont. Participating businesses are featured in the search results for those among the 31,000 monthly visitors who use PYR to plan their mountain bike experience. Find our two levels below, Trailbreaker and Trailblazer. Financial support of any individual VMBA Chapters counts towards this program, too. 

Best for businesses who want to:

  • Increase visibility with Vermont riders and those traveling to Vermont
  • Help out-of-town visitors plan their trip
  • Show their support for VMBA’s Chapters and advocacy efforts
  • Have a strong passion for supporting trails and the local riding community


Grant Wieler

Trailbreaker ($250)

Benefits Include:

  • Placement on our Plan Your Ride page with links to your site and copy that your business can tailor
  • Marketing presence at VMBA-supported events at your local Chapter networks
  • Ability to post your own events on our event page
  • One post on Facebook or Instagram pages during the season (15,700+ Followers)

Trailblazer ($1,000)

Benefits Include:

  • The above items from Trailbreaker
  • Marketing presence at VMBA events state-wide
  • Promotion in one newsletter and on the PYR platform (12,800+ Subscribers)
  • Two additional (3 total) posts on Facebook or Instagram during the season (15,700+ Followers)
Ryan Bent

Corporate Partner 

($2,500 / $5,000 / $10,000)

VMBA Corporate Partnerships are available to any business that can support VMBA through a direct donation of $2500, $5,000 or $10,000. Corporate Sponsors are those businesses who are fully invested in the importance trails and outdoor recreation opportunities provide Vermont communities, including their employees and customers. VMBA proudly boosts these businesses on our social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and prominently features them on our website as major supporters. Corporate Partners may also use VMBA branding in promotional campaigns and marketing and work closely with VMBA on joint campaigns that leverage VMBA’s brand and membership community.

Best for businesses who:

  • Are committed to supporting outdoor recreation
  • Believe in VMBA’s mission and vision
  • Wish to provide essential and often overlooked operational support
  • Have employees and customers who deeply appreciate trails

Switchback ($2,500)

Benefits Include:

  • Logo placement on Corporate Partner list
  • Promotion in one monthly newsletter (12,800 + subscribers)
  • Placement on a VMBA event signage that goes to all major Vermont MTB events
  • Call-out during VMBA events
  • Four postings on VMBA Facebook or Instagram (15,700+ Followers), including stories and at least one hard post
  • Use of the VMBA logo on your company’s website as a “Proud Supporter of VMBA.”
Grant Wieler
John Atkinson

Ridgeline ($5,000)

Benefits Include:

  • All Switchback sponsorship elements
  • An event and/or product collaboration
  • Blog post featuring your business
  • Access to post your company’s events and clinics on event page
  • Activation at VMBA year-end member party
  • Two additional posts on Facebook or Instagram (15,700+ followers).

Summit ($10,000)

Benefits Include:

  • All Switchback and Ridgeline sponsorship elements
  • Logo placement on our home page
  • Two additional posts on Facebook or Instagram (15,700+ followers)
  • Printed company insert in physical member packets
  • Speaking opportunity at VMBA year-end member party
  • A VMBA-organized and hosted ride for employees and/or other VIPs at a trail network of choice. 

Naming Grants ($2,500 – $10,000)

VMBA’s Naming Grant program provides an opportunity for outdoor-minded companies to have an influence on Vermont’s outdoor recreation infrastructure in a way that reflects the passions and interests of their employees. Together, we are able to embolden employee happiness, loyalty, camaraderie and connection to some of Vermont’s most amazing places. Through the program, VMBA works closely with participating businesses to develop their own unique Naming Grant, tailored to the contributions they’d like to see to Vermont’s amazing recreation infrastructure, providing a tangible link between the company, its employees, and one of VMBA’s Chapters working to grow and strengthen its local trail systems. See our separate Naming Grant Information page for more details.

Best for businesses who:

  • Want be more active in their philanthropy
  • Would like to engage their employees in the giving process
  • Value playing an active role in community projects
  • Have specific outcomes they might like to see in trail projects
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