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Plan Your Ride – 2020

Grant Wieler

What is “Plan Your Ride”?

Plan Your Ride (PYR) is our platform for folks (both out of state and locals) that are looking for trails, shops, restaurants, lodging, and more in their area. It is directly linked to VT Dept of Tourism’s biking page. We have over 14,000 viewers each month, visiting all of our pages including the PYR platform. PYR is a partnership option available to local businesses that want to support VMBA and be seen by folks wanting to learn more about Vermont. For an annual fee, businesses have access to VMBA’s digital marketing and PYR listing. We rely heavily on these partnerships to continue our work supporting chapters and advocating for mountain biking in the statehouse.

2020 Changes

Currently COVID-19 is having a global economic impact. Therefore, we recognize that it is extremely vital to support local businesses. With the economic pressure being felt by all, VMBA is trying to identify different ways that we can support those that have always shown their support to their community. Therefore, in 2020 we have decided to move to donation based access to our PYR platform. Local businesses can now become a part of the PYR platform for any cost that is possible for them.

How to Join PYR

How can your business be a part of it? Easy.

  • Email Chris Cox, chris@vmba.org, to be a part of PYR
  • Include the location, logo, website, description, and any promotions
  • Include donation amount
  • Chris will upload your PYR page and email for your approval
  • Receive PYR Partner benefits

In addition, VMBA will be listing any business that provided a 2020/21 member benefit. If you know of a business that could use this support, please feel free to reach out and let us know. If you own a business, we believe that this would be a great opportunity to engage with the riding community in Vermont. Thank you!

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