’18 MTB State Summit

Mountain biking is a quickly evolving sport. There are thousands perspectives from forum threads, trail advocacy groups, manufacturers, etc. There’s no shortage of opportunities, great ideas and passion.

Groups learning how to differently organize locally while working together holds tremendous opportunity. The Vermont Mountain Bike Association, the Michigan Mountain Bike Association and the Jersey Off Road Bike Association are eager to encourage this momentum.

On November 6-7, VMBA, MMBA and JORBA will host the first MTB State Summit in Grand Rapids, MI.

We’re going to turn the traditional summit model upside down and you’re a big part of making that happen. Here’s how:

  • Every organization will have an opportunity to share its best trick in a “poster session” – everyone can contribute to the knowledge base. If you like an idea shared by another organization, take a picture of their poster – it’s yours! Check the links below for more details
  • Everyone in attendance will have the chance to add to the knowledge base by contributing to a “rolling topics” platform where anyone in attendance can contribute to multiple organizational building topics. After the summit, this content will be summarized and shared
  • Want a to walk away with a trail grant? All proceeds will go towards two trail grants – Check the links below to learn more about how the MTB State Summit can support your organization through a trail grant.

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  • Diversifying the sport
  • Navigating organizational growth
  • Working with Chambers, CVBs and tourism groups
  • Membership platforms
  • Incorporating for profit perspectives into stewardship
  • Building a trail grant
  • Events – the good and the bad
  • Fundraising strategies
  • E-bikes – a manufacturer’s perspective

Conference Schedule


Poster Example

Poster Specifics

Trail Grant – Due October 1.

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