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Why I Support VMBA

Grant Wieler

Throughout the year – and particularly during the Annual Fund Campaign – we at VMBA work to communicate why we believe folks should donate to our organization, provided they have the means to do so. We typically return roughly 90% of membership dues to our Chapters through direct and indirect support, and while support from our business and philanthropic partners helps fund a portion of our central office and staff, we depend on individual donors who value our coordination, education, and advocacy efforts to keep our organization running smoothly.

With that in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to share the reasons why some of our recent donors choose to support VMBA, and hope that their words inspire others to help us continue to make Vermont an even better place to ride.

Judy Boyd of South Burlington described how her enthusiasm to support VMBA dates back at least a decade. “About ten years ago, I participated in my first trail work day with the local [Chapter],” wrote Boyd. “It was eye-opening to learn how trails are carefully designed and maintained. I give to the VMBA Annual Fund to help ensure we have the funding to support a vibrant trail network in Vermont.”

Joe Morrissey of the Mad River Riders Chapter is “happy to support the great work that VMBA is doing in expanding the multi-use trail network in a coordinated and thoughtful way across the state.” Joe also underscored his appreciation for his local Chapter; “In the community in which I ride, volunteers are making a huge positive impact creating and maintaining trails in the valley through an incredible amount of hard work and dedication.”

Joe Miles of the Northshire Area Trail Systems continues to be a long-time VMBA supporter because: “Accessing trails in Vermont is for the most part free – however, the trail building, advocacy and Chapter support provided by VMBA is not free and absolutely necessary to maintain a robust mountain biking scene in our amazing state.”

Hinesburg resident and long-time supporter Robert ‘Sparky’ Millikin was direct in his rationale for donating to VMBA: “I can’t think of a better way to enhance your mountain bike experience in Vermont than to contribute to VMBA. VMBA has the largest rider membership of any state, is dedicated to building the best trail systems possible and supports the local chapters while advocating for riders of all ages and abilities.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Finally, Sally Fridy, who lives outside Vermont, learned about VMBA through her son, who calls Killington home. “He told me there were wonderful mountain bike trails he rides with my two grandsons.” When he spoke about the need for additional funding, Sally decided to make a donation. “The fact that mountain biking is another outdoor activity, environmentally sound and enjoyed by my family are all reasons I, a non-rider, donate. I get immense joy knowing my family has safe, well-constructed trails to ride and I know it’s a lot of work.”

We express our enormous gratitude to Judy, Joe Morrissey, Joe Miles, Sparky, and Sally, not only for their support of VMBA, but for their willingness to share their reasons for being a VMBA supporter. We hope you take their words to heart, and if you have the means, consider becoming a VMBA supporter yourself during our Annual Fund Campaign.

-The VMBA Staff and Board of Directors

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