Welcome Izzy Johnson!

We are excited to announce that Izzy Johnson will be joining our VMBA Office team as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator! Izzy started this April and will be supporting our initiatives set by our DEI Committee.

Izzy grew up in Connecticut, she first started venturing up to VT as a kid on camping trips to Jamaica State Park with her family. However she started coming up much more frequently after attending the Rooted Women’s clinic just last summer! She loved the mountain biking and gravel riding so much she has decided to relocate up to the Burlington area this May!

Izzy started riding bikes a little bit in college but got the real bug at the start of the Pandemic. She now rides for Cannondale as a Mountain bike and gravel ambassador. Her main drive in the sport is to get more folks on bikes! She is a woman of color who is passionate about getting other females and BIPOC friends on bikes. Bike riding provides a space to truly be yourself and also feel empowered like you can take on any challenge. She loves that and wants others to be empowered in who they are as well, while using the bike as a means to do so.

We are excited for her to be joining our organization as we continue our work to build an inviting and inclusive mountain bike community that any individual can be a part of. Reach out to her on the trails or contact her at izzy@vmba.org.

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