Ways to Enjoy Mud Season

Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Every year, as the ski resorts close, spring rain starts to fall, the days begin to warm, and our bikes are calling our name – everyone hears about Mud Season.

We all know mud season severely limits our options to go play outside. The snow is (mostly) gone and the the majority of trails are unusable because of their sensitivity. And we hear a constant refrain from trail advocacy groups and land managers about trails closures. And unless you particularly savour your time indoors,  it doesn’t feel like there are many things we can do.

Part of the Vermont ethos is outdoor recreation – it’s why so many Vermonters choose to live here. When wanting to play outside all year round is in our DNA, what do we do as a community when trails aren’t an option? Below, we’ve compiled a list of ways to scratch that outdoor itch until mud season is over. 

  1. Attend a Chapter Kick-Off Party! During April & May, many of our Chapters will host kick-off parties throughout the state. It’s a great way to connect with your biking friends, grab a beverage of choice, and talk about how excited you are for trail riding- oh ya, and get your VMBA Membership.
  2. Attend a Chapter Trail Day! As we wait out Mud Season, our Chapters are in full force to get them ready (thank you!). A great way to support the trails and get outside is to lend a helping hand by performing some critical trail maintenance and repairs. Trail Days often happen in April and May before trails open, and keep going all summer!
  3. Get your bike ready! Need to tune your drivetrain, service your suspension, or replace your [insert broken component here]? Now is a fantastic time to bring your bike to a local bike shop to get it serviced. Our Retailers Alliance partners offer great service deals for VMBA Members, and you’ll want to have your bike in tip-top shape for when the trails are good to go. 
  4. Get your body ready! We have a lot of Member Benefit partners that offer fitness classes, and some are even designed for mountain biking. Mud Season is a great time to get started on any training goals you might have for this season (or not – which is okay, too!).
  5. Try gravel biking! Need to scratch that biking itch? Gravel riding might be your best bet. Vermont has 6,002 miles of gravel road – that’s a lot. Vermont Sports has their 12 Best Gravel Rides suggestions to get you started. Additionally, many Chapters and local businesses have gravel-specific events and rides! Just keep in mind that early mud season can wreak havoc on unpaved roads, too, to be prepared for anything.
  6. Relax. Mud season can be a time for many of us to take a break between different sports – a perfect time to check out some of our wellness Member Benefit partners. 
  7. Finally – get your VMBA Membership

Have additional ideas? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for patiently waiting to enjoy our trails. There’s a whole season ahead of us! 

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