Getting more kids on bikes

Have you noticed more young riders on the trails? We have! Do you think mountain biking is a fun, healthy activity with the ability to teach positive life lessons? We do! Would you like to see more opportunities throughout the state for youth to try mountain biking for the first time, or excel to a higher level? We would! We are Vermont Youth Cycling (VTYC)

‘Through safe and fun interscholastic group rides and races, Vermont Youth Cycling (VTYC) educates and empowers young riders to improve their skills and health while building both a stewardship ethic for the trails and a caring community.’

What started as a brainstorming session at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center and has grown into a partnership with two great organizations. VMBA has been present and engaged from the beginning with a strong desire to help promote youth participation in mountain biking. We look to VMBA for their relationships throughout the state and to help spread the good word about this opportunity for youth to participate in a fun series of group rides and races. When researching and speaking to other youth cycling organizations, the New England High School Cycling Association (NEHSCA) really shone through as a clear partner. NEHSCA stepped forward with tremendous fall race support and is excited to welcome Vermont youth to their fall race series.

Vermont Youth Cycling will organize a series of spring group rides and fall races at fun and exciting venues throughout the state. Our goal is to help young riders build confidence on and off the bike, explore different trail networks with peers and mentors from around the state, and participate in friendly competition at some of the best mountain bike venues around. Teams or clubs can be formed in connection with a school, or as a composite team (several towns). We ask for a minimum of five riders and two adult leaders to start a club – the more the better though! Grade levels for participating riders will range from 5-12th grade and will be open to all ability levels. If this sounds exciting to you, simply form a club – connect with us at VTYC, register through VMBA, and let’s all get out for a ride!

VMBA has dedicated a landing page on our new site to help share the work of this amazing group of people. VMBA loves racing, but is centrally focused on helping this group to get more kids on bikes. More information on the league can be found on their page. Interested in learning even more? Contact Ross Scatchard


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