VMBA Chapter Grants up to $22,500 This Year!

Adam Franco

Membership matters and quickly translates into measurable progress. The association is proud to announce that chapters have the opportunity to apply for $20,000 in trail grants this year! As you may know, membership contributions are split between your home chapter and VMBA. Last year, 84% of VMBA’s portion went directly back to chapters in benefits including consistent state level representation, insurance, umbrella 501c3 status, membership enrollment and much more; not the least of which are the trail clinic and grant. The VMBA trail grant was born in 2013 with a $6,000 investment. Chapters united in 2014 and the grant ballooned to $15,000. As a result of riders’ willingness to invest in their chapters, we’re up to $20,000 this year. Through membership riders take a pro-active step toward improving our riding. More importantly, it shows some love and respect for those that worked hard to build your favorite trail. It’s not magic – it takes skill, muscle, sweat and your support. It’s not too late to make your contribution as we head into the best part of the riding season: www.vmba.org/membership

VMBA and chapters have a unique opportunity to turn rider investment into something very special in Vermont. Newly refined relationships with Forests Parks & Recreation, Fish & Wildlife, US Forest Service and the VT Dept. of Tourism and Marketing has collectively led to long-term trail building opportunities on public land. The support we receive from our public land managers in Vermont is unmatched. Private landowners have been an integral part of outdoor recreation in Vermont for a very long time. VMBA chapters have done an exceptional job of protecting landowners arrangements for years. Membership helps chapters keep the trails on public and private land in great shape. By showing landowners that chapters are solid community partners opens expansion possibilities.

A list of grant recipients and their projects will be published in early October. The VMBA grants have been wildly successful over the last couple years. Fellowship and STAB built bridges and rerouted trails. Melo Velo planned for the Cricket Hill project that is beginning this year. Brewster resurfaced a parking area at the Midlands trail network. Mad River Riders added to the Blueberry Lake network and Middlebury has added signage. We love that you love the trails. Your support is needed to keep it all rolling.

Ride On.