VMBA Awards Trail Grants

The Brewster River Mountain Bike Club and the Sports Trails of the Ascutney Basin (STAB) were both awarded a VMBA trail grant this week. The Brewster River chapter will be resurfacing a parking area that will handle up to six cars. The lot is to serve as a trailhead to the Midlands Zone. This project has been coordinated by the Brewster chapter, Vermont Land Trust and the Brewster Uplands Conservation Trust, LLC. Stay tuned for trail days with this group – there is much on the Horizon with this chapter.

The STAB chapter was awarded a grant for bridge construction to better enable a trail connection over existing water pipes. This project can be seen at the annual festival as riders enjoy miles and miles of fantastic STAB trails. The bridge will be constructed during community trails days in June.

Riders participating in membership leads to the association being able to support a growing number of grants for chapters. In turn, chapters host more trail days, which leads to the community pulling together for their trails. VMBA encourages all riders to participate in membership and chapter trails days. Both are an opportunity for the entire family to get involved and make a meaningful difference.