Building Trails and Community

Your contribution to VMBA supports a long list of important initiatives that we wanted to tell you about.

  • Encouraging kids to spend time in the woods building grit and character
  • Supporting multiple chapters’ administrative operations
  • Strengthening advocacy in Montpelier to protect private landowners
  • Securing expanding access to state and federal land
  • Ensuring diverse trail options for riders of all abilities
  • Building an inclusive riding community

You may or may not know but last year’s membership is supporting 18 trail projects this year in towns like Bennington, Woodstock, Waitsfield, Montgomery and a few others.

These projects are inspired by tremendous growth in participation over the past five years.

The number of chapters has doubled. Membership has increased by nearly 4,500 riders since 2013.

As a rider, you’ll be encouraged to know the VMBA headquarters has done a terrific job of keeping membership revenue flowing to the chapters – 126% in 2018.

Our goal is to keep this momentum going and to represent your passion for riding at every opportunity. Thank you again for your volunteer efforts and contributions to mountain biking in Vermont.


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The VMBA Board of Directors

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