The Add-on-Athon is Here!

Bear Cieri

So many great trails!  We are so fortunate here in Vermont to have a wealth of options when it comes time to ride. Of course, you’ve supported the hard work of your Primary Chapter through your VMBA Membership, as well as any other Chapters you’ve already added on, but are there other networks you’ve enjoyed riding this past season? What about the trails in the next town over stewarded by a neighboring VMBA Chapter? Is there a network in Vermont that you love to travel to, like Woodstock or Slate Valley Trails?  And what about those areas you’d love to ride in, but that are still in the process of building amazing trails of their own like in Jamaica, Mendon, or Ludlow? The availability of all these potential riding options beyond your Primary Chapter are why we offer the ability to Add-On Chapters to your VMBA Membership, providing additional support for trail stewardship statewide. Add-on memberships are critical to the fundraising and operations of all our Chapters, with 100% of all membership revenue going directly to the Chapter(s) you Add-on.

So what is this Add-on-Athon? For the month of October, we are highlighting the incredible work of our Chapters and the projects (both big and small) that they have been working on this past riding season and look forward to for 2023. Our goal is to inspire 1,000 Add-Ons before the month is over, which would put $30K directly in the hands of our Chapters to build and maintain the trails you love. 

The most obvious reason to support additional Chapters is to help those Chapters steward the trails you ride. Thinking regionally, you’ll notice clusters of Chapters where folks are most likely to spread out their riding. Many members of Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW), for example, often find themselves riding trails under the management of Richmond Mountain Trails (RMT), Brewster River Mountain Bike Club (BRMBC), or Stowe Trails Partnership (STP). Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association (UVMBA) members tend to  find themselves riding the WAMBA trails in neighboring Woodstock, or ATA trails down on Mt. Ascutney. Killington Mountain Bike Club (KMBC) members often make the short trip north – riding Green Mountain Trails, Rochester Trails, or Randolph Trails under the Ridgeline Outdoor Collective umbrella. If you think about it, we all take advantage of the amazing work of Chapters outside of our Primary Chapter – it’s the beauty of riding up here in Vermont – there are so many trails to choose from!

Another reason to add-on a Chapter to your VMBA membership is to help those Chapters whose efforts you’ve heard about and want to play a role in bolstering. Do you enjoy riding Bolton and would love to see more trails in the valley below? Then add-on RMT to your membership and help make the “Driving Range” project a reality. Are you digging Tunnel Ridge, Vermont’s longest MTB descent (118 berms!!)? Consider a Velomont or Ridgeline add-on to help that exciting effort along. How about the meticulously built new Raptor Lane trails in Dorset, have you ridden them yet (spoiler alert: they’re sweet)? Then consider adding-on Northshire Area Trail Systems (NATS) and help that network grow and prosper.  

Finally, consider adding-on a newer Chapter, one, perhaps, that might not even have trails to ride… yet!  By adding-on a nascent VMBA Chapter, you are helping them get the start they so badly need to keep growing and supporting trail riding in their regions. Chapters like Jamaica Area Trails Alliance (JAMBA) are about to open phase one of their first purpose built trail at the Ball Mountain Dam. Considering adding them on to help lend support to phase two and other projects on the horizon. Ludlow Area Sport Trails (LAST) have the support of their town, their local riding community, and local shops; now they just need to build membership to help work towards their first trail project “the Back Forty,” so consider them when you think about Add-On options.  

So take a look at the list of Chapters and consider: where you ride, what you want to see in trails, and where you hope to ride in the future. Then head to our “Current Term Add-on” page and select a Chapter or two to throw your support behind. Remember, 100% of your add-on membership goes directly to the Chapter(s) you choose. So support as much of VMBA as you can, and you are supporting our amazing Chapters, big and small. Help us reach our goal of 1,000 Add-Ons for our Add-on-Athon! Help us grow our community of Chapters and make Vermont an even more incredible place to ride.

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