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Thank You Patrick Herbert

Over the next few weeks, we want to say thank you to some of our individual donors that have helped move VMBA forward over the past 25 years. Without your generosity, VMBA wouldn’t be where it is today.

First donor spotlight of our series, Patrick Herbert! Patrick’s home chapter is Richmond Mountain Trails. He’s a fan of after work rides, old school trails, and the incredible mountain bike community he finds himself a part of.

How has VMBA impacted your experience in Vermont?

All riders in Vermont have been significantly impacted by VMBA. It’s easy to take for granted the critical role that an organization like VMBA plays in trail development, maintenance, managing landowner relations, working with state or municipal agencies, and general advocacy.

What motivates you to support VMBA?

Vermont offers a top-notch riding experience thanks to the tremendous efforts of local chapters. VMBA provides the voice and the structural support for these chapters needed to sustain and grow the sport and thus is one that I’m happy to support.

What’s next for mountain biking in Vermont?

We’re all aware of the explosion in popularity of mountain biking in Vermont and I fully expect to see a continuation of this trend where more interest, from locals and tourists alike, drives terrain expansion, increased inclusivity, and economic growth.


VMBA works hard to ensure that membership dues return to the Chapters through direct and indirect support, therefore we rely strongly on support from partnerships, raffles, and individual donors like you. Help keep the momentum going to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of VMBA by helping raise $25,000 for VMBA.

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