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Thank You Heidi Pancake

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Over the course of our Annual Fund, we want to say thank you to some of our individual donors that have helped move VMBA forward over the past 25 years. Without your generosity, VMBA wouldn’t be where it is today.

Next up, say hello to Heidi Pancake! Heidi checks in from the Jamaica Area Mountain Bike Alliance, where she’s also the Chapter Chair. She’s a huge fan of the Slate Valley Trails and Ridgeline Outdoor Collective networks and loves the way that those masterful trail builders have made use of natural features, long ridges, and incredible views.


How has VMBA impacted your experience in Vermont?

I learned about so many more riding opportunities across the state after joining VMBA. We do a ton of vacations at home here in Vermont in the summer now camping at various state parks and riding the trails nearby.

What motivates you to support VMBA?

I support VMBA because I believe it is important to support the Chapters where I ride, build and maintain sustainable trail networks. I also believe in the mission of VMBA and the advocacy and education work they do to support all riders.

What’s next for mountain biking in Vermont?

There are new Chapters every year because we see the value of having trails in our communities and the community building opportunities they provide. I am really excited about the Velomont Trail and the opportunities for long distance mountain bike travel that it will offer.

VMBA works hard to ensure that membership dues return to the Chapters, through direct and indirect support, therefore we rely strongly on support from partnerships, raffles, and individual donors like you. Help keep the momentum going to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of VMBA by helping raise $25K today.

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