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Thank You David Hughes

Bear Cieri

Over the next few weeks, we want to say thank you to some of our individual donors that have helped move VMBA forward over the past 25 years. Without your generosity, VMBA wouldn’t be where it is today.

Next up, say hi to David Hughes! David can’t get enough of the technical Perry Hill classics like Permission, Burning Spear, and Joes and thus calls WATA as his home chapter.  

How has VMBA impacted your experience in Vermont?

The work VMBA did to create private landowner liability protection has been foundational to the explosion of mountain biking in the area because it eliminates a hurdle to recreational use of private land.

What motivates you to support VMBA?

Outdoor recreation in general of course is critical to the Vermont economy but I believe mountain biking in particular has the ability to attract full time residents drawn to an extremely robust year round outdoor recreation ecosystem. We have been one of the few states with a declining population, and we need to attract (and keep) younger people to our state.

What’s next for mountain biking in Vermont?

I would like to see VMBA play a role in marketing Vermont as a world class mountain biking destination. We now have a product that compares well with any of the famous mountain biking regions in the US, let’s promote it.

VMBA works hard to ensure that membership dues return to the Chapters, through direct and indirect support, therefore we rely strongly on support from partnerships, raffles, and individual donors like you. Help keep the momentum going to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of VMBA by helping raise $25K for VMBA.

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