Take Action for Your Trails!


Draft SCORP needs your input! 

Every five years the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is produced, which is a key piece of the state receiving federal funding for recreation projects. After gathering survey data, a draft of the plan has been produced and is open for public comment. The survey tools and responses have been provided for everyone’s review and is available at this link.

Your voice in this process is a key component of the SCORP being representative of the things YOU want for trails in Vermont. VMBA is encouraging you to take a look at how your interests are being represented – and to submit your thoughts by December 12th.

If you do not have time to read the plan thoroughly, here is a list of seven comments that the Association is encouraging you to share on the SCORP feedback platform:

  1. Please add a commitment to engaging VMBA on a long-range trail expansion plan that allows chapters to effectively raise funds, hire builders and work with Forest, Parks & Recreation (FPR) staff at a reasonable pace.
  2. Please explicitly state the value and importance of protecting private landowners from undue regulation for hosting trails you love.
  3. The SCORP should include a clear statement isolating a commitment to supporting the value of trail-based nonprofits.
  4. The SCORP does not share any specificity, benchmarks or timelines attached to the primary goals and objectives – can the public get these?
  5. How will an office of Outdoor Recreation benefit trails, trail groups and VT’s trail-based nonprofits exactly? This should be stated clearly in the plan and include benchmarks and timelines.
  6. The value and importance of Vermont’s trail-based nonprofits was not made clear. A mutually beneficial partnership between FPR and these organizations should be a central element of the SCORP. This should have established benchmarks, timelines and actionable steps so that more Vermonters have access to outdoor recreation through the work of our trail-based nonprofits & FPR.
  7. Can the SCORP make a specific commitment about supporting the recreational and economic potential of backcountry activities such as huts and backcountry ski zones that are linked together with multi-purpose trail?
Remember – comments are due by December 12th!

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