Social Distancing on the trails

Ride Your Bike & Stay Healthy

Grant Wieler
Please visit our COVID-19 Response page for the most up-to-date information regarding trail use. Thank you


The trails are starting to dry out and you’re itching to get out on your bike to release all the energy from having to stay at home – us too. We recognize how important it is to stay active, especially with the CDC recommending that we all work from home and social distance from others. However, we ask that while you are out on the trails, please stay safe, healthy, and at a safe distance from one another.

Pinkbike recently published an article about how various mountain bike organizations around the world have addressed COVID-19, this includes IMBA’s COVID-19 Response. The National Recreation and Park Association has also provided recommendations on how to stay safe outside. In addition to those great ideas, VMBA suggests the following for when you are out on the trails:

  1. Small Groups & Close to Home – we recommend riding either by yourself or with members of your household at a trail that is within 20-30 minutes from home. Large groups, even outside, still can spread the virus to other folks
  2. Back off 10% – we all try to push our limits when riding, however now is not the time. Ride a bit more conservatively so you don’t risk a visit to the emergency room where the attention of doctors and nurses should be for caring for those that have COVID-19
  3. Space, space, space – if you do ride with a buddy, it is suggested that there are at least two-three bike lengths between you. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and we all give our lungs a workout on our bikes
  4. BYOS – bring your own stuff. We ask that you do not share helmets, gloves, tools, and bikes. If you do have to share, sanitize it to the best of your ability
  5. Snot Rockets – we have all done it. With how easily COVID-19 spreads, try to keep those rockets in a tissue
  6. Sick = Stay Home – if you are sick, please stay home. We know it is hard but putting others at risk is not cool
  7. Pass with Distance  – when passing someone, keep as much distance as possible. Communicate with the other folks, give them time to react, and step far aside
  8. Tip-Top Bike Condition – try to keep your bike in 100% condition, you don’t want emergency trail-side repairs that would require the assistance of others
  9. Relieve Before You Go – trail heads either don’t have restrooms or they are closed, try to go before you leave home so you don’t rely on public restrooms
  10. Skip the Post Ride Hangout – we all love that post-ride beverage and chill time with your friends. To keep your fellow riders safe (and you) give an air high-five and head on home

Additional Resources

Several organizations have released guidelines regarding COVID-19. Please take a moment to review the following resources:

We ask that if you are using the trails this summer, please help support the riding community by renewing or joining your VMBA/Chapter Membership. Your support is more important now than ever – thank you.

Stay safe and healthy out there. With recreation facilities closing, there is an expected increase of trail users this upcoming season. Please don’t jeopardize access to trails by over congregating, crowding parking lots, or being irresponsible in this time of critical personal responsibility. Please continue to be respectful to everyone encountered on the trail, respect trail closures, and check trail conditions before heading out. Thank you. 

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