Ride On

Vermont has some stellar riding, and it’s only getting better.

A new statewide membership program managed by the Vermont Mountain Bike Association (www.vmba.org) aims to increase rider membership, thereby leading to more trails. To sweeten the deal, VMBA has partnered with Ibis to offer a chance to win the bike of your dreams in exchange for every $5 donation. Whether you’re a resident rider living in Vermont, a visitor, general supporter or just plain lover of new bikes, $5 is easy to part with to support more trails and for a shot at that new ride. Every $5 donated gets you a chance to win.

VMBA is the umbrella non-profit organization serving 15 mountain clubs around the state of Vermont. VMBAcoordinates state level land-use agreements and landowner liability policy and provides insurance and trail grants programs, all of which directly benefit the chapters working on the ground to build more trails. When VMBA is strong, there are more resources for all of us, and that just means more riding.

Head over to VMBA (https://vmba.org/civicrm/event/register?id=17&reset=1) to make that donation and get a chance to win the bike of your dreams – you choose the model, size, color – everything! For only $5, what do you have to lose? Every $5 donated increases your odds. And even if you don’t win the bike, you get more trails, and that’s always winning.

The folks at Ibis are excited to partner with VMBA on this raffle along with RockShox, SRAM, and MTBVT. For more information about Ibis check out this recent article on Pink Bike: The Ibis Story

By Sarah Galbraith
Sarah Galbraith of Vermont is an avid mountain biker, freelance writer and co-founder of her local mountain bike club. She is also an ambassador for Vermont Mountain Bike Association. You can follow her at www.greenmountainlines.blogspot.com.