Participate. Build. Ride.

Looking to get more involved? Awesome! Chapters host trail days all season long. Communities coming together to build trails is an important element of riding in Vermont. Riding a trail 100 times will never provide the same insight that can be gleaned from a few hours with a shovel in your hand. On behalf of our chapters, the Association encourages everyone to follow their home chapter through newsletters, social media, and event calendars for more information about how your entire family can make a meaningful difference together. Thank you for becoming a member. VMBA will be hosting trail days on our events calendar as well. Stay tuned and get the whole family involved!

Staying unified as a community of riders is the cornerstone of protecting riding opportunities in Vermont. Our number growing leads to a bigger voice at the state level and opens more doors to expanding access throughout Vermont on State and Federal land. This participation among riders has led to fantastic support for chapters working hard to bring you events and awesome trails – and a sweet list of benefits. Riders, builders, chapters, shops, sponsors, and public land managers working together will continue to secure riding opportunities. We encourage you to plan for a trail day or two this year. You’ll be glad you did. Have an awesome season.