These Shops Build Trails

In partnership with 28 bike shops, VMBA has launched the new Vermont Mountain Bike Retailer Alliance. The primary goal is to help facilitate communication between shops and to strengthen the linkage between shops, local VMBA chapters and members. VMBA is keen to highlight that VT shops are a big part of our capacity to build trails and grow administrative support for VMBA chapters. By highlighting shops’ relationship to trails, it is hoped that VT riders, and those visiting, incorporate local shops as a first step towards new purchases.

The shops have stepped up – big time. Starting this year, 28 shops are covering membership for the first 25 riders that purchase a mountain bike valued at $1000 or more. Yeah… that’s 700+ members and an extra ~$30,000 to chapters. VMBA has also pitched in. The association will no longer seek sponsorship. The hope is to create more space for local shops to better connect with local chapters.

You’ll notice some new stuff in shops this year promoting this program. Regardless of whether or not you’re buying a new bike, please be sure to extend your appreciation to your local shop for their engagement.

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