Navigating Vermont’s Hunting Season

The leaves have changed, and the mountains are starting to get their first dusting of snow, which means Hunting Season is upon us! Before you hit the trails this fall, here’s what you need to know:

1. When is hunting season in Vermont? 

Vermont’s Hunting Season is in full swing, according to Vermont Fish and Wildlife, but stay informed about which season it is, such as archery, muzzle-loader, or regular hunting. Hunting Season extends through Dec 10th, but check out their website for more information!

2. Check Trail Closures

Vermont offers diverse outdoor experiences, and many of our trails are multi-use. To ensure everyone’s safety, knowing whether your favorite trails are closed during hunting season is essential. Check the trail network status before you go via the Chapter’s channels or VMBA’s Hunting Season Closures. Didn’t get that last ride in before the middle of October? Don’t worry; many networks are unaffected by Hunting Season or will be open between distinct hunting seasons.

3. Be Prepared and Stay Visible

For those riding open networks during hunting season, make yourself visible! High-visibility orange is your best friend, ensuring you stand out amongst the trees. Don’t forget to make sure your friends, family, and pets are also donning fall’s fashion statement.


With Vermont’s hunting season underway, it’s time to stay informed about hunting seasons, trail closures, and outfitting yourself in high-visibility attire. Get out there and enjoy the last bits of fall out on Vermont’s riding season.

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