Meet Avery Gardner!

Our pledge is to develop vibrant communities emboldened by outdoor recreation and natural environments connected to all Mountain Bikers not defined by a stereotype or riding ability.


In 2020, VMBA is seeking to answer – how do we invite the world to participate? In doing so, we are highlighting individuals from all over the state of Vermont who love to mountain bike. Why? Because we are excited to celebrate riding our bikes, not stereotypes, riding ability, or bike choice. Together, we are building a community that invites and inspires everyone to participate in the sport that we all love.

So, how do we invite the world to participate? Our What does a rider look like? campaign meets up with various individuals from across the state to understand how and why they love mountain biking. Meet VMBA Member, Avery Gardner!

Name: Avery Gardner (they/them)
Home Chapter: Fellowship of the Wheel
Favorite Trail: Toss-up between Flo at Saxon Hill, and Florence at Cady Hill.
Bike: Rocky Mountain Growler 750 (2017)
Favorite thing about riding in Vermont: Vermont is so incredibly beautiful to ride in. There has not been a single trial I’ve ridden where I have not loved what I was looking at while riding.
Favorite riding event: The Pride Ride series that Kris puts on have been some of my favorite riding experiences in my life. I also really enjoy the women’s rides in the summer too!
How did I get introduced to riding?: My introduction to mountain biking was through a college outdoor leadership class at Green Mountain College. Before that my biking experience was only riding my beachcomber town bike up and down the flat streets of coastal New Jersey. The first time I ever really rode a mountain bike was on the Bar-M trails outside of Moab Utah the day before my class rode the White Rim trail through Canyonlands National Park. It was a way to get a strong foundation for mountain biking, but I definitely would recommend taking a class or two before riding 100+miles.
What is the most important piece of advice that someone new to riding should know? : My personal greatest piece of advice is to learn at your own pace. Take a beginner’s class with your local bike shop, like the one the Outdoor Gear Exchange puts on every summer, to get the foundations down. If groups aren’t for you, ride with a trusted friend who respects your boundaries and know that falling is just a part of the fun. Just dust yourself off, stay positive, and keep on riding!


Thank you so much Avery! Curious to know more on VMBA’s DEI Pledge? Check out our web page here. 

Have ideas on what more we can do as a community? We would love to hear them! Email our Communications and Marketing Manager, Kenzie at


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