Ibis Winner – Mark Thayer!

Photo By Mike HItelman

Mark is a VMBA member residing in Beverly, MA and rides in Vermont often. After sharing the good news, VMBA board member Tom Dacres had a chance to catch up with Mark who was beyond excited. Mark had his eye on a Ripley for a while and was about to pull the trigger on the purchase, but decided to hold out for the VMBA raffle. He admitted it was a long shot, but decided to wait. Mark has had a great time tweaking the specifics with Scot at Ibis (can you imagine how much fun that would be?). VMBA has asked Mark to share some photos of him on his new ride that we will be sure to post. The raffle was a success! 3,053 chances were sold to 646 riders – the average donation was $23.63. VMBA gained $15,265 towards the sustainable development of more and better trails in Vermont. Thanks to everyone who participated.  We could not have done it without our sponsors; Ibis, SRAM, MTBVT, and Rock Shox. THANK YOU Sponsors!