Velcro Membership Strip for Your Bike

Picture yourself riding on your favorite trail. You and your Chapter have worked hard to raise funds, hosted trail days, and maybe hired a professional builder to design and construct what is now the network you spend quality time with friends and family. Do you ever wonder how many people riding your trails support and appreciate them as much as you do? Does seeing deep mud bike ruts after a rain on your trials drive you crazy?

Every membership season, members will be sent a member card, benefit sheet, mtb coupons, Chapter inserts, stickers and a velcro membership strip (which changes color every year!). VMBA and Chapters are asking members to proudly display their membership strip as a signal to others that they understand the important role riders play in keeping our amazing riding scene sustainable in Vermont.

The purpose of this effort is simple – better trails for you to ride. Membership fuels the VMBA Trail Grant, which Chapters use for trail maintenance and expansion. These funds are also a critical component to grant proposals reviewed by our public land partners eager to assist our growth as a riding community. Membership measures the strength of our voice. Clearly illustrating the demand for trail expansion to our public land partners is the mechanism through which they determine the level of resources invested.

Your participation in membership is meaningful. As the demand for mountain biking grows, the resources required to continue providing great trails and to build new ones must also find growth.

Chapters do amazing work every year. Show them your appreciation with your membership strip! Even better, if someone asks what it is – tell them. This is a great opportunity to make a new friend and channel more resources to your trails from those enjoying them.