Evergreen Sports Medicine Webinar Recap

Evergreen Sports Medicine, located in Williston, is a proud Ridgeline Sponsor of VMBA and provides medical care to the entire Northern Vermont active community. The providers at Evergreen Sports Medicine specialize in caring for joint and soft tissue injuries in both children and adults including fractures, lacerations, arthritis and degenerative joints. They also treat exercise-related medical concerns such as concussions, the female triad, cardiovascular issues and exercise-induced asthma.  Evergreen provides same day appointments for acute injuries and trauma, aiming to give injured riders an alternative to the emergency department if things go awry on the trails.

Earlier this season, we had the opportunity to host Evergeen Sports Medicine for a webinar and discussion focused on the mountain bike medical knowledge from Dr. Scott Paluska. During the webinar, Evergreen Sports Medicine covered “Common Cycling Disorders”  and provided knowledge on how to both avoid and treat the most common medical issues related to cycling.  Following that, Dr. Jason Lippman will dive into the world of sports nutrition through “The Whole Enchilada: Fueling Tips for the Trails.” If you missed the webinar, we have a recap and recording of the webinar below.

Thank you so much to Evergreen Sports Medicine for their incredible support to VMBA and the benefits they provide to our outdoor community.


Overuse Injuries and Disorders among Cyclists.

The Whole Enchilada: Fueling for the Trails

Webinar Replay

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