Changes for the 2022/23 Membership Season

John Atkinson

The past few years have been an explosion of growth for our mountain bike community. In 2021 alone, we built more than 50 miles of singletrack, grew to 28 Chapters state-wide, and developed collaborations with outdoor-minded businesses and organizations alike. Our VMBA Trail Grant funding has reached $50,000 (233% increase since 2014), Naming Grants provided $33,500 to Chapters through direct business partnerships, and we count more than 9,300 members (compared to just over 3,300 in 2016). We couldn’t be more thankful for the mountain bike community that exists in Vermont, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

With this incredible growth in trail riding comes a demand for VMBA and our Chapters to keep up. Nearly 90% of VMBA member dollars go to materials and services that directly support our Chapters, who are at the front lines of trail stewardship and community engagement. The remainder helps fund centralized functions like advocacy, communications, and VMBA office operations. 

At its core, a VMBA membership supports three critical initiatives:

  1. Chapter trail building and maintenance 
  2. A backbone of administrative services that every Chapter utilizes
  3. Critical advocacy needed to protect private landowners and our access to riding

While membership prices have remained flat for the past three seasons, the cost of materials and labor, as well as the volume of riders out on the trail, have continued to rise. Guided by these realities and our Chapters, membership prices for the 2022/23 season will increase by $5 for individuals (to $60) and $10 for families (to $120 for a family of 2-4, $135 for a family of 5, and $150 for a family of 6). Mindful of this increase and  to increase accessibility for younger riders – including those who’ve aged out of a Family Membership – we’ve created a new Under-25 Individual Membership ($40) available to those turning 25 on or after April 1st, 2023, which includes all the same great benefits. For the upcoming 2022/23 season, we are excited to again provide over 100 unique Member Benefits, including free DH MTB Tickets to Killington, Sugarbush, Stratton, Burke, and Bolton ($250+ value in lift tickets alone), as well as discounts at local shops, restaurants, and retailers.

Summing it up: why the increase?

  • VMBA Chapters have seen a significant increase in trail use over the last few years, which requires a commensurate increase in the amount of trail maintenance
  • Material and labor costs have risen substantially in recent years an increase that only accelerated during the pandemic
  • Growing demand – and access – have led to many new trail projects in our pipeline that member dollars are critical for making happen
  • As mountain biking grows, so too does our need for advocacy, including modernizing how trails are regulated under Act 250, protecting private landowners from undue regulation, building partnerships, and expanding trail access statewide

Lastly, we did not undertake this increase lightly and understand that our sport presents significant economic hurdles for many already. Our hope is that those of you who are current members – as well as those who haven’t (yet!) joined – appreciate what it takes to continue to build and improve trails while preserving access and a sustainable stewardship model. 

Many thanks again to all our members. Your support has fueled our success, and we sincerely hope to have you back in 2022/23!

13 thoughts on “Changes for the 2022/23 Membership Season

  1. A $60 membership sounds fine. The 25 minus discount is good, too. Did you give any thought to a 70+ discount? KTA, for instance, provides a free season pass for us 70 plussers. I wouldn’t suggest free for VMBA, but maybe something similar to the 25 minus.

    1. Thanks Mike for the feedback! This is the first year that we have done a discounted membership for Under 25 and we will certainly consider your suggestion for a discount for 70+. Hope you have a great winter!

  2. Yes,
    I agree, us 70+ ers (at least some of us) have put in our dues in $$ and labor.
    I’m sure most of us will still donate $$$. That said will would still be nice to get some recognition
    For still riding into our twilight years!!!!

    1. Thanks Howie for your feedback! We absolutely agree and will be certainly considering incorporating a 70+ discount for future seasons. Thank you for all of your hard work for our mountain bike community!

  3. When I join races or organized rides I look around and the vast majority of bikes are 3K, often >5K. While nobody likes to spend more $, this makes sense and is a tiny % of overall spending on mountain biking. Certainly as members we will expect more from VMBA, especially grants for trail building and assistance with regulatory issues.

    1. Hey Daniel, thank you for your feedback and support! You are absolutely right that members should expect (and will see) continued growth for our organization and mountain bike community, such as our VMBA Trail Grant and Naming Grants. We plan to continue to grow these opportunities for trail building and maintenance and, as always, advocacy will be at the cornerstone of our work.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, i’m cheap (or thrifty) and enjoy a good deal, but if you go use a free day at two of the DH mountains, this is still a great deal! Even with the small price increase it’s hard not to buy this, keep up the good work! (and just don’t go doubling the price next year haha).

  5. Yes a seniors membership sound good. Like a lot of us have been riding and building and maintaining trails. Me , been at it since 1995 , still do hours of work. Love the time with nature.

  6. Hello!

    Before taking the membership for my family (4) I would like to be sure on one think. All the privilege you offer ”free ticket” is it for each member or only one ticket for 4 person?

    Sorry I just want to be sure on this… Cordially, Christian

    1. Hey Christian! Each Family Member will receive their own set of Downhill Tickets, Member Benefit Card, VMBA Strip, and Sticker. Thanks!

  7. How about a general Seniors Membership? Not all of us are over 70 yet, but are seniors nonetheless.. thanks for your consideration.)

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