Annual Meeting Recap

The annual meeting was a big success. Over 40 riders, chapter reps and the VMBA board were all in attendance to learn more about 2015 accomplishments, our goals for next year, and go over the finances. Most importantly, the association had five new awesome folks join the board of directors: Rachael Mascolino, Jason Gibbs, Clarissa Finks, Alan Hebert, and Shannon King. Questions from the floor ranged from membership program performance this year, the specifics attached to the ’15 chapter model, and strategies to increase rider participation. A new “trail pass” concept was introduced with the goal of augmenting out of state rider participation in membership. In concert with chapters, VMBA will be developing promotions with the Vermont Dept. of Tourism & Marketing to share content with riders visiting to ride. This progress is a critical element in keeping our trails in great shape. More tails on state means out of state riders will know where to go and get routed to supportive shops, restaurants, and pubs. It also means sensitive trails or landowner relationships are better protected. Vermonters participating in membership is the fuel that protects our trail resources.

The annual meting was followed by an Advisory Council session. Chapters had great feedback on the 2015 model and shifts will be made in support of our partnership. There was discussion around fat biking, how to best support increasing rider participation, day pass concepts, maps, and how to sensitively share content on It’s clear we have our work cut out for us this winter to both engage the fat bike craze and prepare for the next summer season.