2022 Naming Grant Recap

In 2022, VMBA announced eight companies, collectively contributing over $33K in grant funding for projects across six chapters. These projects have come to fruition thanks to the dedicated support from our Naming Grant Partners, who recognize the importance of mountain biking in Vermont. The following recap highlights the impact of each Naming Grant on the respective chapters and their communities.

Cabot Naming Grant & Addison County Bike Club (ACBC):

With support from the Cabot Naming Grant, ACBC successfully built a pump track in downtown Middlebury.

“Cabot [Naming] Grant created a place for young and young at heart to practice skills in downtown Middlebury. From day one, that track has been seeing use, and as a Chapter, we had to do some repairs after the deluge we now remember as July. The pump track is a great addition to Middlebury. Thank you, Cabot!!”

Outdoor Gear Exchange & Franklin County MTB Club (FCMTBC):

In September, FCMTBC marked the opening of their 1.5-mile trail in the St. Albans Town Forest, thanks to the support of the Outdoor Gear Exchange Naming Grant. This new trail, designed by professional builders and volunteers, expanded the Town Forest trail network by 20%, incorporating both machine-built and hand-built sections.

“This 162-acre recreational gem is used by hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, hunters (seasonal), bird watchers, snowshoers, school groups, and others.”

Press Forward & Stowe Trails Partnership (STP):

Thanks to the Press Forward Naming Grant, STP enlisted the services of Mus Mountain Works for vital maintenance projects in Cady Hill Forest. Key trails, including Florence, Snake, and Cady Hill Connector, received the attention they needed.

“This project ended up being very well-timed given the historic rainfall this summer. Thanks to the erosion/drainage improvements resulting from this work, water drained off the trails extremely well. This allowed the trails to remain open almost the entire season despite all the rain – something we have heard positive feedback about from locals and visitors alike. Florence,
Snake, and Connector also get tens of thousands of uses each year, so this maintenance was
critical to helping us keep the trails in good shape throughout the season and free up our trail
crew for other projects.”

Velocio Naming Grant & Richmond Mountain Trails (RMT):

The Velocio Naming Grant played a vital role in the creation of the uphill trail in the Driving Range. This network was unveiled in August 2023 and spans nearly 5 miles of trail.

“In conclusion, the Velocio/VMBA Naming Grant Funding has fulfilled its intended purpose and has exceeded expectations in terms of impact and community transformation. The funding from Velocio allowed us to build a critical trail within a category-redefining project. We are committed to continuing our efforts to promote accessibility and outdoor recreation for all, and we look forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead.”

Turtle Fur & Brewster River MTB Club (BRMBC):

With the support of the Turtle Fur Naming Grant, BRMBC enhanced sections of Meagan’s Trail in Cricket Hill to meet adaptive riding standards. This involved the creation of a new, machine-built adaptive singletrack by Rabbit Tracks Trail Works and a hand-built adaptive singletrack. These improvements aimed to alleviate user conflicts, enhance trail direction clarity, and increase rider engagement.

“An adaptive review of Meagan’s Trail was conducted by VMBA, Vermont Adaptive and Kelly Brush and with the exception of two or three specific pinch points, the entire trail, including the Turtle Fur sections, was pronounced adaptive-ready. Since that time the pinch points have been corrected, so now, Meagan’s is all adaptive-rideable.”

Green Mountain Solar & Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW):

In 2020, FOTW initiated plans for an adaptive mountain bike improvement project at Mud Pond. The GMS Naming Grant provided crucial support for addressing specific pinch points, bridges, and tipping hazards.

“The receipt of the Green Mountain Solar Naming Grant enabled FOTW to complete the final tread upgrades needed for passable aMTB trails in summer of 2023. The newly worked corners, bench cut areas and pinch points were assessed in September with the help of VMBA, Kelly Brush Foundation and Vermont Adaptive. This assessment marked the completion of 3 years of planning, fundraising and implementing improvements which will provide access to more users and new programming opportunities with partners like Vermont Adaptive.”

VBT Bicycling Vacations & Fellowship of the Wheel (FOTW):

FOTW received the VBT Bicycling Vacations Naming Grant to help support essential trail maintenance and upgrades to the Carse Hills Network.

“Now indefinitely conserved for years to come, the VBT funds were used to begin much needed trail tread improvements, reroutes and bridge replacements! The reroutes were meticulously reviewed for long term sustainability, taking into account the forest density and hydrology. Equal consideration was given to improve the flow (uphill and downhill) but not detract from the unique character of the Carse Hills network. We are excited to see support from businesses like VBT which enable much needed improvements to networks like Carse Hills to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Ranch Camp & Addison County Bike Club (ACBC):

ACBC received the Ranch Naming Grant to aid in their winter grooming operations for several of their networks.

“This snow dog will create additional fat biking opportunities in Middlebury and Bristol networks thus expanding options in Addison County. The dog will be housed at different ACBC members homes so that we can cover as much terrain as possible”

Once again, a big thank you to our 2022 Naming Grant Partners for supporting our Chapters and volunteers. Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2023 Naming Grant Recipients!

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