2015 Annual Meeting Recap

The Annual Meeting Was Awesome!

VMBA’s annual meeting was a huge success. The Best Western Plus in Waterbury graciously hosted the well attended event. The packed agenda included advocacy highlights from the year, financial report, elections, the first “VMBA Dirt Awards” and a list of ambitious goals for 2016.

The room was filled with lively discussion as the 2016 goals were shared and discussed in smaller groups.  Each VMBA board member moved from group to group sharing specifics. This format facilitated positive and fruitful interactions across chapters with the VMBA board, and everyone got to know each other a little bit better.

2015 Accomplishments

  • $23,400 in VMBA chapter trail grants
  • Membership increased by 27%
  • Eight new chapters – four more prepping for next year
  • Significantly expanded fat biking access
  • Launched plans for Little River State Park & Groton State Forest for next year
  • Statewide map was published
  • Member benefits jumped to 85 sweet deals
  • STAB hosted another awesome festival – July 22-24 in Waitsfield next year
  • Significantly augmented partnerships and sponsorships2016 Goals
  • Increase the trail grant for chapters
  • Ensure the new fat biking access is well stewarded
  • Develop a winter resources page at VMBA.ORG
  • Create a “New Trail Playbook” for chapters
  • Increase member benefits to 100 great deals!
  • Develop clarity around Act 250 and its impact on landowners that host singletrack
  • Create streamlined process for chapters/landowners utilizing public funds for trails
  • Expand the number of miles of new trail on state land
  • Improve riders’ experience at VMBA.ORG
  • Host an amazing festival in Waitsfield on July 22-24 – get it in your calendar

CLICK HERE to see VMBA’s 2015 Annual Report.