Vermont Outdoor Innovation Coalition

Photo By Ryan Bent

VOICe partners develop advantageous business outcomes through thoughtfully partnering with each other, outdoor nonprofits and their membership. We are united around a shared respect and appreciation for the role the Vermont’s trail-based nonprofits, and their volunteers, play in Vermont’s economy. Supporting this effort is responsible business.


The sponsors of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association inspired The Vermont Outdoor Innovation Coalition (VOICe) in 2016. A desire to better understand the organization quickly led to a team of business professionals eager to share expertise with the organization. The indelible link between trail volunteerism and business outcomes inspired the creation of VOICe.

VOICe is a network of successful Vermont businesses that share an appreciation for the role that Vermont’s outdoor recreation infrastructure plays in the vitality of the Vermont business community.

VOICe unites the effort and passion of Vermont’s trail-based nonprofits with the insights of the outdoor-minded business community in an ongoing effort to innovate mutually beneficial opportunities.


The mission of VOICe is to deepen the connection between Vermont’s businesses community and the essential network of nonprofits working to vision, create and maintain our outdoor recreation infrastructure.


Our vision is to make Vermont a recognized leader in, “community-based trail economy” through aligning nonprofit and commercial innovation.


VOICe operates under the premise that trails are great for businesses of all types. Trails have shown to augment entrepreneurial opportunities, embolden local tax bases and support numerous existing jobs. It is also acknowledged that trail-based nonprofits account for almost 25% of the state’s population, and over 100,000 hours of volunteer time annually building and maintaining trails.

VOICe Endeavors to:

  1. Coalesce advocacy power through synchronizing commercial and nonprofit expertise to lift up the value of volunteerism as critical and respected asset in Vermont
  2. Ignite a co-investment culture that measurably links VOICe participation to consumer choice and happier employees
  3. Build an intra-VOICe business benefits platform to create financial space for trail investment
  4. Provide an opportunity for VOICe partners to participate in key strategic planning and decision making operations
  5. Provide an incubator space for new businesses seeking growth opportunities through supporting trails and the people that build & maintain them

Do you own an aware, outdoor-minded business that recognizes the power of trails to embolden talent recruitment and inspire healthy employees? Do your employees love trails? To find out more about VOICe and how to play a role in VMBA’s future, get in touch today

More Time in the Woods

The number of people looking for more time in the woods is at an all time high and there’s no end in sight. VMBA’s membership has jumped 370% since 2013.

Building A Robust Economy

One of our primary objectives is to illustrate the link between trails and economic vitality. Lifting up the value of volunteerism as critical and respected assets emboldens the Vermont lifestyle and economic opportunity.