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Sterling Valley – STP

Sterling Forest is unique among Stowe’s trail pods due to its location and remote, backcountry feel. The trails are challenging, and the setting offers a sense of isolation that can be hard to find these days.

The latest addition to the Sterling trail pod is Callagy’s Trail. Callagy’s is a technical, hand-built trail that’s as challenging as it is fun. Built in 2017 in honor of Callagy Ross, this trail is the product of over 400 hours of volunteer time, and several generous donations. Callagy’s is also part of our plan to increase connectivity and add cohesion to each trail pod; using Callagy’s riders can now add mileage and connect to Split Rock without having to ride the road.

The 1,500-acre forest parcel, formerly owned by IBM Chairman, Thomas Watson, was part of a larger 2,150-acre parcel known locally as “Watson Forest”, and acquired by the Town of Stowe in 1995. The balance of the 650 acres located on the ridgeline are owned by the State of Vermont.

The largest parking area for Sterling Forest is located at the end of Sterling Valley Road  Link to Trailhead.

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