Advanced Intermediate Trails Winter Fatbiking
Central VT

Camel’s Hump State Forest – Mad River Riders

Camel’s Hump State Forest – Howe Block/ Tucker Hill/ Dana Hill Trails – current trail conditions

Lareau Swim Access parking on east side of Rt 100 (use  trail underpass to get to Revolution trailhead). Lareau Farm – American Flatbread parking, except Fridays&Saturdays 4 PM–9 PM. No open containers in Lareau Farm parking lot. All dogs leashed  and fully cleaned up after at Lareau Farm, due to livestock, guest safety, food production, river runoff and sanitation issues.  Tucker Hill Rd-CHSF parking lot. Waitsfield Village. Dana Hill Rd not recommended for driving (very steep w/waterbars, privately maintained.)

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