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The Vermont Mountain Bike Association

The Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) is a nonprofit statewide organization serving as the voice of mountain biking in Vermont. Comprised of 23 unified chapters, the association carries out its mission, which is to ensure the sustainable future of mountain biking in Vermont and to promote its position as the premier riding destination in the Northeast by serving as the central hub for advocacy, education, and event support through numerous partnerships. 
VMBA strives to provide healthy, family friendly, and sustainable mountain biking opportunities and orchestrates the delicate balance between state agencies, private landowners, chapters, riders and our amazing partners. As a unified community, Vermont is host to the best mountain biking culture in the country.
2014 Highlights
  • Successfully operated the association's first statewide membership platform
  • Doubled the number of member benefits!
  • Awarded over $10,000 in trail grants to VMBA chapters
  • Developed 10-year expansion plan with Forests Parks and Recreation to include fat bike access
  • Hosted another successful VMBA trail clinic for chapter builders
  • Significantly matured our relationship with State Department of Tourism
  • Secured umbrella 501c3 status and improved insurance coverage for chapters
  • Improved the festival participation, vendor, and sponsor support - HUGE Thanks to Darn Tough of Vermont
  • Started new partnership with Trail Hub to provide real-time trail updates between builders and riders
  • Developed a new VMBA Ambassador program
  • Pursued multiple new grant opportunities; and
  • Constructed over 30 new miles of sustainable trails with thousands of hours of volunteer time.
VMBA Board of Directors
Tom Dacres - Chair
Scott Mallory - Vice Chair
Rachael Mascolino - Treasurer
Jill Olson - Secretary
Louise Lintilhac
Jason Gibbs
Clarissa Finks
Shannon King
Alan Hebert
  Tom Stuessy, Executive Director
Originally from Wisconsin, Tom moved to Vermont to direct the Adventure Education program and Green Mountain College in 2003 and resigned in 2012 to begin his work with VMBA. His professional life has included time with national outdoor nonprofits for 15+ years in various capacities ranging from serving as a board/committee member and association administrative operations. These experiences and a passion for mountain biking have played key role in defining his professional desire – to build community through mountain biking.
Tom believes mountain biking will serve our state as a primary means to enhance the quality of the Vermont experience through encouraging healthy lifestyles and stewarding responsible access to natural areas for trail users of all abilities. Tom is eager to continue building important relationships on VMBA's behalf and to represent the voice of chapters and riders on our way to building a sustainable future for mountain biking in Vermont.