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You're already a member of your local chapter, plus a few others. You ride, you dig when they call you up for trail work days. Your trail karma is pretty good. Let's put it to the test....somebody is going to win a sweet bike on September 1st.
This year in conjunction with Pivot Cycles and The Outdoor Gear Exchange, VMBA is offering up a Pivot.You choose from 10 Models. You choose the size and the color. Five bucks a shot, enter as many times as you wish.
  • Mach 4 C
  • Mach 429 SL
  • Mach 429 Trail 27.5+ (or 29)
  • Switchblade 27.5+ (or 29)
  • Mach 6 C
  • Firebird C
  • Phoenix C ZEE
  • Les 27.5 & 29/27.5+
  • Les Fat C


Trail karma ain't looking so good? Join your local chapter through VMBA today...