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Starting a New VMBA Chapter

Building a VMBA chapter is a very rewarding experience. A central voice for advocacy working together on trails and events often facilitates community involvement, healthy lifestyles, and quality time together for families. Beyond the trails and events, local businesses often benefit from this work through an increase in traffic from those dedicated to supporting rider-friendly businesses.

Given our trails are multi-use tails built to a mountain bike standard, many trail users love our trails. Dog walkers, runners, birders, hikers and of course mountain bikers all have a stake in trail development. In many parts of the state, chapters have partnered with school athletic and academic operations to host cross-country meets, and provide a field based extension to ecology and construction curricula.

It's hard work, but well worth it! Please take a look at the attached document to learn more about how to get started. When you're ready, please be in touch with Tom at the VMBA office for further detials. Thank you for your interest in becoming a VMBA chapter. 

Starting a VMBA Chapter