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The Bench


The Bench is an excellent spot to hit up after your next ride in the Stowe area.  Reach out to find out about gift cards and take-out options!

From the owners:

The Bench started in 2014, the old restaurant in the space was called Pie In The Sky. My business partner Chad and I regularly rode Stowe and wanted to bring some of what we found successful with The Reservoir (Waterbury) to Stowe.⁣

We found the space and fell in love with it, aliens and all. Steve and Cindy handed over the keys taking a lot of risk on a couple of beanie wearing nobody’s who wanted to really transform the space. ⁣

We knew what we wanted to do with the menu, the name was the hardest part. It was going to be our identity and we wanted to connect to the mountain. The name was between The Hut and The Bench. Both deserved discussion. One representing the iconic Stone Hut at the top of Stowe, the other a hidden gem that all the locals knew but didn’t want outsiders to discover. ⁣

From that conversation The Bench was born. We built the business with the help of an incredible staff, many whom still work here 5 and a half years later. They are moms, dads, friends and our family. Closing the doors last week was gutting. Releasing them to an uncertain future.⁣ We also realize this has impact down our very deeply routed supply chain of farmers, brewers, wine makers and more.

We were lucky the Stowe community rallied around us when we first opened. We ask that same community to rally behind our staff and the hospitality industry of Vermont. ⁣

Keep your eye out for calls to action (#dont86us), some of our asks may be specific to staff struggles and others will be help with pressure on the state/federal government. We can’t afford to be forgotten as this shakes out, we want to employ all 45 of our staff again, looking forward to serving you. I owe it to them to fight as hard as I can to reopen.⁣

Thank you Stowe for your support over the years, it does not go unnoticed. We also know other businesses and individuals are going to suffer during this. If you have the means, whether time or monetarily, we ask you to offer what you can.⁣

Stay safe much love, Mark ?

Photo: Mike and Mary – Bench Staff


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