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About us:
Andy and Eric started Green Mt Rehab in 2006, within the SKIRACK, and now are located across the street at 90 Main Street in Burlington. After several years of riding, skiing and running the Colorado Rocky Mts, they both made Vermont their home. Now they both love mt biking, skiing and running our beautiful Green Mt trails. Actually, the entire team at Green Mt Rehab knows how important it is for you to stay active, quickly recover from pain or injury, and ultimately help you get stronger at what you love to do. It is not fun to slow down, or rely on pills, injections or surgery to get over pain. Heal naturally, and get stronger at Green Mt Rehab & Sports Medicine.
Bike Fitting Specialists – We work with so many bikers. In 2006, we were stumped why so many bikers would only get short term relief from treatment.  Andy and Eric both flew out to San Fran and learned how the value of a good bike fit could resolve your biking injury. We help bikers with both body issues and bike fit issues, giving bikers the long term relief they deserve. Not all PT is the same!  All of our therapists have a Hands-On sports medicine approach using joint mobilizations, deep tissue massage, and much sports medicine exercise.  We will help you! We also use much Dry Needling, have Monday Night Yoga, custom orthotics, and coaching (for runners).
Exclusive to VMBA Members:
Our Sports Medicine Evaluation. The Sports Medicine Evaluation includes a strength / flexibility assessment, Diagnosis of any pain you may be experiencing, and a successful Plan to fix your issues.  Only for VMBA members at NO COST!  Why? Because we get it. It is our way of giving back to our mt bike community. We are also getting old. Stay Young. Stay on your bike. And stay active for life! Schedule today at

COVID-19 Update:

We are essential providers, and are treating patients on a case by case basis. Call 802-861-6700 or email us about cost and availability today at, to see if you qualify. We are implementing all CDC guidelines to keep you safe, while helping you recover from pain or injury to stay active.


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